Top Ten Lego Ideas Set Ideas

The Top Ten

1 LEGO Dog With a Blog Sets
2 LEGO The Walking Dead Sets
3 LEGO Furniture, Food & House Kits

(My Idea) A Lego Furniture And House Kit would be a line of sets that will be permanent and never going off sale. There would be the normal build books and many many many house and furniture kits teaching you how to make house details, house bases and food. - iiKyodaiKickz

4 LEGO YouTube Sets

If they are doing this, they have to put in kid-friendly YouTubers - Datguyisweird666

6 LEGO Anime Sets
7 LEGO School of Rock Sets
8 LEGO Anatomy
9 LEGO MTV/Movie Sets
10 LEGO Statues Sets

The Contenders

11 Lego Doctor Who

Absolutely. Why is this in last place? I have this and it is amazing.

12 Tesla Cybertruck
13 LEGO Percy Jackson
14 LEGO Celebrities
15 Lego World Trade Center
16 Lego Star Trek
17 Lego The Twilight Zone
18 Lego Adult
19 Lego Vintage
20 LEGO The Banana Splits Movie Sets
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