Top 10 Lego Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Sets

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1 The Tower of Orthanc

Big and sturdy, feels like a trophy when you lift it. Wicked awesome set.

What this isn't number one units the best and the biggest

I've got this set

It is just epic compared to the other ones. AND IT INCLUDES AN ENT!

2 The Battle of Helms Deep

This set is awesome. It's huge and worth your money

Mist and shadow.. All shall fade :) yeah love you pippin for singing this

This set is epic I have it and its cool

It the best thing ever

3 An Unexpected Gathering

I've always loved hobbit holes. Plus it comes with a lot of good pieces and figures. - DwarfishIron

Bag end looks so cool

Nice set. Great hobbit hole, and the characters are nice too

Great set. Looks like bag end so much!

4 The Mines of Moria

For its price, this is by far the best set. It is the only set to have Boromir, Moria Orcs, Pippin, and the Cave Troll.

There is beautiful! Too bad the creators of LEGO CLEAR the lord of the rings of the shops

This set is the best ever! it has Boromir!

This set is awesome! If anything, I wished they had more minifigs included, like Gandalf, and a few more Moria Orcs... Anyway, great set, but not as sturdy as I would have hoped... :) Awesome set though. I think this is the only set with Pippin and Boromir...

5 Attack on Weathertop

I have always loved weathertop sins I herd of it

Great set great size. Nazgul are cool

Awesome really like how the inside is fitable for minifigures

6 Battle of the Black Gate

Best LOTR LEGO set by far. Love the mouth of Sauron. Gandalf the white looks like a bad version of Sauroman. Aragorn is so cool and cape is awesome

Got good characters and the gate looks quite scary

Great design... the doors lock.
P.S. The eagle wingspan is HUGE! 1 - stuf234567890

7 The Lonely Mountain

I got this set and it's epic

How is this worser than Ura kai army

8 Attack of the Wargs

Cool set. Best scene in the hobbit

Like it

9 Goblin King Battle

Big set. Goblin king is pretty awesome

Very nice set

10 Uruk-Hai Army

Perfect expansion for helms deep

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11 Dol Guldur Battle

Better than helms deep

Nice set, comes with a lot of coll characters, great choice for a gift

12 Mirkwood Elf Army

Comes with a lot of characters, worth your money

Best mini-figures. 9.5 out of 10.

13 Gandalf Arrives

Great scene. Perfect small set

14 The Orc Forge
15 Pirate Ship Ambush

This is the only one I have. - LegoGeek21

16 The Battle Of The Five Armies
17 Barrel Escape

Thought this set was going to be lame but it actually looks really nice

18 Lake Town Chase

Really nice set, the functions are really cool

19 The Wizard Battle
20 Riddles for the Ring

Great scene. Good set. Cheap way to get gollum

21 Shelob Attacks

This set is not so expensive and you get a pretty cool and sturdy Shelob with it. You also get Frodo wearing his Elven cape and Sam and Gollum. The set is a nice display and even the kids can be trusted to play with it. - zam67

22 Dol Guldur Ambush
23 Attack on Laketown
24 The Council of Elrond
25 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders
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