Top Ten Best The Lego Movie Characters

The Top Ten Best The Lego Movie Characters

1 Emmet

The main character! By the way my first name is Emmitt. I'm not even joking! - MarioMaster101

Every character in The LEGO Movie is awesome. I like all of them, just I like Emmet more.

He was a hilarious, but slightly awkward character who delivered amazing jokes and an amazing end speech. That is why he is the best character

"I think I just heard a whoosh." Emmet is the best movie character of 2014. Scene cuts to when Emmet is making friends with a plant and breaths really weird. I just lost it with this guy. HE IS SO FUNNY!

2 Batman

Batman is so handsome I died and I want to meet him in real life

I work in black and sometimes in a very very dark gray.

I liked this batman. The batman in the Lego batman movie sucked. - B1ueNew

The best batman portrayal in lego, funny yet still maintains the batman composure.

3 Benny

He was a funny guy I loved the space ship thing and Disable The Shield

SPACESHIP! Lol but seriously he may have been more of a secondary character, but Benny was really funny and Charlie Day's voice acting for him was great too - Phillip873

I can't count how many times he says spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP!

He was funny about the whole 'space ship' thing

4 Uni Kitty

Who can't love her! And who can't pity her for loosing her home, and that 'my home... ' Part was really quite sad, but at the same time that "you people need to be more FRIENDLY' and rage...

I voted because I love Alison Brie. I haven't watched the movie yet :-P

She is so so cute

Uni Kitty is just so dang cute and funny.

5 Good Cop/Bad Cop

Best character in my opinion. I love Bad Cop and his personality. I love when he KICKS THE CHAIRS! That's it, so that is why I like Bad Cop!

Bad Cop is a hilarious character. I find him different with the fact that he seems to have multiple personality disorder... And well... I just love him!

Are you kidding me he's funny and by the way bad cop is funnier than good cop.

He was the funniest and it was an awesome movie bad cop I think was more funny then when he was good cop.

6 Wyldstyle

Her real name is Lucy. I like her style. Anyone else reminded of Princess Leia?

I love pink and blue and purple. In the storyboards, her used be longer, but in the movie she just has short hair. I dislike short hair!

She is one of the best

Nah she a thot. - B1ueNew

7 Vitruvius

Played by the one and only morgen freeman.


8 Lord Business

Will Ferrel was his voice actor so you know he was good

He is actually my favourite character in the lego movie and also I love his voice - Aaronwahed

The animated incarnation of Trump - B1ueNew

He predicted Trump. - B1ueNew

9 Metal Beard

I barely escaped with my head. And my internal organs.

10 Milhouse

The forgotten Simpsons Lego sets were not forgotten. Thanks The Lego Movie for remembering and showing us these relics with a cameo.

Best cameo in whole movie

He shows up for like a second - VideoGamefan5

We got to see a preview of the now available Lego Simpsons minifigure of Milhouse!

The Contenders

11 Wildstyle

How is she not in the top 10

Already at 5!

12 Dumbledore

He was so darn funny

Doubledore? No it's dumbledore!

It's pronounced DUMBLEDORE!


13 Gandalf

Yeah him in a Lego movie-well really cutscenes from a game but they were put together well enough it was like a movie.

14 Superman

I super hate you.

15 Where's my pants? Guy

Honey, Where Are My Pants!? - JPK

He was so awesome and random! Emmit, bat man
And espeshaly LORD BUISNESS where also my
Favorite. Love the Lego movie! 😃

16 Green Ninja

I love ninjago, it is the best in my life! This is supposed to be in first place man!

Meh. Didn't have much of a big role. He's better in Ninjago though. My favorite character!

Green ninja the best

He is great

17 Abraham Lincoln

Bring your space chair back here! - KingSlayer93316

18 Finn
19 President / Lord Business

He's already #8

20 Han Solo

Well what do you think. It's not just like a spaceship is just going to appear out of the blu - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

21 Rex Dangervest

Going to the sequel


22 Green Lantern
23 Pa Cop

Good cop/ bad cop's caring father, definitely deserves to be above green inja

24 Chewbacca
25 Michelangelo
26 The Man Upstairs

Will Ferrell plays him.

27 Wonder Woman
28 Ma Cop

Good cop/bad cop's caring mother, definitely deserves to be above millhouse

29 William Shakespeare
30 Prospector
31 C-3PO
32 Emo Jake
33 Shaquille O'Neal

I loved that part - 2storm

34 General Sweet Mayhem
35 El Macho Wrestler
36 Johnny Thunder

Remember him from the old sets?

37 Wiley Fusebot
38 The Flash

Fastest Man Alive!

39 Gail
40 Jeff the Cat

Google it there's some great fan fiction.

41 Crazy Cat Lady

She has so many cats

42 Bruce Wayne

I did not know there was a Lego of him, or most of these people here.

It is indeed super sweet. cool.

43 Lando

He's not really much to speak of. ✪✪✪Jared✪✪✪

44 Surfer Dave
45 Robots
46 Medusa

She’s part of metalbeards first crew and sacrificed herself for a mission the didn’t succeed. HERO!

47 Queen Watevra Wanabi
48 Balthazar
49 Retro Space Dude
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