Top Ten Lego Nexo Knights Characters

I can't believe I actually like this dorky, childish show. I've always loved medieval knights and stuff and it's nice to see a (totally nonsensical) high-tech twist. Though the dialogue can get real cringe-worthy, it is overall a cute show. All the characters have horribly obvious puns for names, but it's so bad it's good. The show has nice animation, fairly well written plot, and decent character development. Oh, and both of the theme songs are awesome.

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1 Clay Moorington Clay Moorington

He should be at the top of this list because he's my favorite character in the show due to his uptight behavior, which is what I like best about him as I also have that. And all people who hate uptight folks can screw off for all I care.

Hey, I think it's great that he's so dedicated to being a knight (or "uptight" as people would say). That is what makes him such a great leader and it really makes him the best knight. I think it's great if you're like him. If people don't like you because you're serious and dedicated to a cause (both admirable qualities), that's their loss.

He's honestly the best uptight or knight in all of the seasons

Clay is the best knight without a doubt. I especially love his huge character development in season 3 & 4 and I really can't wait to see where the show takes it in the future. He is the best! I can relate a lot to Clay and my personality is a lot like his.
If anyone deserves to be the leader, it's Clay. He graduated at the top of his class for goodness sake.He trains day and night and has worked his entire life to be the best knight he can be.He's the uptight knight and I absolutely love that. The show definitely needs someone like that.Is there ever any doubt that he's the best.

The knightiest knight to ever be…a knight (lame, I know). His uptight, workaholic personality is amusing; he and Lance being total opposites and butting heads is as well.

2 Jestro Jestro

Right from the start, Jestro was a sympathetic character for me. I just really feel bad for the guy. He's well developed though, definitely the best developed in the show. Love how his character arc came full circle at the end of season 2. Oh, and he's also adorable. I also love his friendship with Clay. They may not be bffs, but it's a great example of how good, quality friends will encourage and support you, not manipulate and use you. He's hands down my favorite character in this show.

3 Lance Richmond Lance Richmond

Definitely the most entertaining of the knights. He's a total drama king. I also really like how his signature weapon (surprise! ) is a lance with a twist, it's actually retractable. Makes for surprisingly cool (and clever) choreography…I also find it amusing that his full name is Lancelot and he's often seen flirting with girls. Cute but not so subtle call back to the knight of Arthurian legend.

4 Macy Halbert Macy Halbert

Underrated in the world of animated female characters

My favorite knight. She reminds me of myself when I was a kid…or maybe right now. Always giving her all. Tomboy who's uncomfortable wearing dresses. Would rather be out playing rough with the boys. I also really like her dynamic with Clay. She's like his unspoken second-in-command/right hand girl, and the most loyal knight. They have this nice mutual respect going on.
(Praying they DON'T start shipping them in canon! I love these sorts of relationships where a guy and girl are on equal terms and admire and respect each other without being romantically attracted to each other. Like Ash and Dawn. Curse the stupid fanbase and its front-page-of-Google shipping garbage.)

5 Izzy Richmond Izzy Richmond

She and Fletch are both so cute! Glad they made a cameo in season 4.

6 Aaron Fox Aaron Fox

The hipster knight who apparently has nudist tendencies. Jk, lol. But he's "totally bodacious, dude." (oh God *cringe*) And +1 for the character development he got at the end of season 3.

7 Axl Axl

It's too bad that, this being a kids show, he's used mainly for really lame "I Love Food! " jokes. When he does get quality focus, he's smarter than he lets on and he's down to earth, which I love. I also like how tight he is with his family and how protective he is of them.

8 Ava Prentis Ava Prentis

Her monotone voice and deadpan sarcasm are great.

9 Monstrox Monstrox

Manipulating bastard. Love how he's voiced by Mark Oliver, same guy who voices Garmadon. He does a great job. And some of his lines make me chuckle.

10 Axlina Axlina

She's got a crush on Robin…lol, poor guy. But she's cute and entertaining.

The Newcomers

? Robo Knight
? General Magmar

The Contenders

11 Beast Master Beast Master

Ok, so he has no character whatsoever. But I just really love his design. He looks kinda like a medieval executioner or something. And his voice actor does a good job, lol.

12 Robin Underwood Robin Underwood
13 Merlok 2.0 Merlok 2.0
14 Queen Halbert Queen Halbert

A nice royal couple.

A intelligent lady.

A goofy man.

But I do believe the Queen should be running the empire 'cause we is more responsible.

15 King Halbert King Halbert
16 Fancy Pants Fancy Pants

"It's a duck! "

17 Fletcher Bowman Fletcher Bowman
18 Jorah Tightwad Jorah Tightwad

Best punny name ever. And you can guess his main character trait. Yep, he's greedy.

19 Ruina Stoneheart

Clay's witch mother!

20 Lavaria
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