Top Ten Lego Ninjago Couples, Friends or Family Members


The Top Ten

1 Jay and Nya (couple) Jay and Nya (couple)
2 Kai and Nya (siblings) Kai and Nya (siblings)
3 Zane and Pixal (couple) Zane and Pixal (couple)


4 Kai and Skylor ("couple") Kai and Skylor (
5 Cole and Jay (friends) Cole and Jay (friends)
6 Cole and Nya (ex-couple) Cole and Nya (ex-couple)
7 Wu and Garmadon (siblings) Wu and Garmadon (siblings)
8 Wu and Misako (friends) Wu and Misako (friends)
9 Lloyd and Harumi (couple)

Possibly in Season 8

Ex/Fake Couple :(

10 Garmadon and Misako (spouses) Garmadon and Misako (spouses)

The Contenders

11 Scales and Scales Jr. (father and son)
12 Cole and Seliel (couple)
13 Garmadon and Lloyd (father and son) Garmadon and Lloyd (father and son)
14 Nadakhan and Dilara (spouses)
15 Ray and Maya (spouses)

Kai and Nya's Parents.

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