Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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181 Lego Nascar
182 Lego Super Smash Bros V 1 Comment
183 Lego Star Wars Ultra Extra Saga

The game will be awesome you can Play multiplayer and added new characters like Percy Jacskon, Harry Potter, Yourself to!

184 Lego Tennis
185 Lego Table Tennis
186 Lego All Stars

With Top Ten Characters from each game, we could finally see Voldemort fight alongside Loki or Anikin fight alongside Legolas. It would be the ultimate Lego game of good vs evil from all Lego games including ones that haven't been made yet like Percy Jackson and hunger games

Best characters from all games unite so you can finally see Loki and Voldemort can fight together against Aragorn and Anikin in the ultimate showdown between good and Evil.

This will be in Lego universe.

187 Lego Battle 2
188 Lego Capcom

Would be cool, but practically the same

189 Lego the Hobbit

Their is already a Lego the hobbit game

190 Lego Skyrim V 2 Comments
191 Lego Playstation All-Stars
192 Lego Dessert Adventures
193 Lego Uncharted V 1 Comment
194 Lego Olympics

Imagine Lego trampolining this would be awesome

195 Lego Street Fighter
196 Lego Playboy

That's perfect for kids, right?

Not perfect for kids

197 Lego Dr. Who V 1 Comment
198 Lego Telltale: The Walking Dead
199 Lego Resident Evil
200 Lego Rayman Legends

Well just think of it rayman legends was brilliant but this would be better it would be 3d have good graphics and you can go on (and in) the snoring tree I would really love and so might you

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