Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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241 Lego Sly Cooper
242 Lego Edge of Tomorrow

Great movie could make a great Lego game.

243 Lego DC Comics Movies the Videogame

Here's the story all of the villains are evil

244 Lego No Man's Sky
245 Lego Terraria

Big eyes must invade the Lego world

246 Lego Batman: Batman vs Superman V 1 Comment
247 Lego Batman vs Superman
248 Lego Fifa
249 Lego the Dark Knight Trilogy

Why not make the Dark Knight Movies just like you made Lego the Hobbit and Lego the Lord of the Rings

250 Lego Forza Series

All about the driving

251 Naruto
252 Lego Sao
253 Lego Terminator V 1 Comment
254 Lego I.M.Meen
255 Lego: Legoception
256 The Lego Game

No no no ill let you know this sounds dumb

Just simply that! It will be a sandbox game! You can build stuff out of Legos! It can have multiplayer, all kinds of different bricks, and you can customize your own character!

V 1 Comment
257 Lego Grey Wolves V 1 Comment
258 Lego Metroid
259 Lego 2016 Madden

This would be cool for the teenagers and young kids who love football!

260 Lego Tekken

This is by far the best fighting video game! Tou should make it to Lego version. It will be great!

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