Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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241 Lego I.M.Meen
242 Lego: Legoception
243 The Lego Game

No no no ill let you know this sounds dumb

Just simply that! It will be a sandbox game! You can build stuff out of Legos! It can have multiplayer, all kinds of different bricks, and you can customize your own character!

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244 Lego Grey Wolves V 1 Comment
245 Lego Metroid
246 Lego 2016 Madden

This would be cool for the teenagers and young kids who love football!

247 Lego Tekken

This is by far the best fighting video game! Tou should make it to Lego version. It will be great!

248 Lego Fairy Tail
249 Lego the Wolverine

Make this game it would be very very very cool and it could be based off the movie

250 Lego Knack

Knack the video game was 1 of the best games ever please Lego club make this be a really really really good video game it would be awesome

251 Lego Life
252 Lego the 39 Clues

IT WOULD BE awesome! Imagina Amy, Dan and everybody else finding the clues all around the world!

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253 Lego Terminator Genisys
254 Lego Five Nights at Freddy's V 3 Comments
255 Lego Clarence

It's all about moments from previous episodes. Boss on every level. The final boss will have a ton of hearts.

256 Lego Regular Show
257 Lego Ratchet and Clank

Yes thank you very much for this Idea

258 Lego Bioshock
259 Lego E.T.
260 Lego - Robocalypse

In the near future, an army of robots have invaded earth and taking many people into jail! But you are part of the resistance team to defeat the evil Dr.F! Catchy eh?

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