Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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61 Lego Indiana Jones 3

This game would probably be the best Indiana jones game ever!

I hope this game comes out next year in 2016 in the summer

Yes yes yes this is one of the best idea ever

I hope they make a 5th movie of Indiana jones

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62 Lego Kung Fu Panda

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

63 Lego Ant Man

Ant Man would be fun to play around with And interact with giant ants and toys.

64 Lego Major League Baseball
65 Lego Assassin's Creed

This would fail financially because Assassins Creed will never be for kids. - Extractinator04

That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard - bawchikawaowao

Love the games, I would love that idea


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66 Lego Powerpuff Girls V 2 Comments
67 Lego Ben 10

If this happened I might die from too much nostalgia - Username123

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68 Lego Teen Titans V 2 Comments
69 Lego Transformers
70 Lego Gran Turismo
71 Lego Basketball

To dribble and score as A MINI-FIGURE? Best idea since sliced bread! (And just in case you don't know, sliced bread has been around for a LONG time). Anyways, they used to make basketball sets. I wish they still did, but to make up for that, they should just make a video game!

72 Lego Spyro the Dragon
73 Lego Arkham Asylum / City

Arkham asylum that is so awesome! Its gonna have like batman, joker, bane and everyone else as well tottaly love the idea man

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74 Lego Fire Emblem

It would be very unlikely sience logo games are for kids and fire emblem is for teens

75 Lego Star Wars 4 the Last Battle

They are making this Its called 'Lego Star Wars 4:The Force Awakens'

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76 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-7

To the person who said they were already made, he means a full game where there's ALL YEARS at Hogwarts and not like one game for 1-4 years and another for 5-7. Anyways, I'd get it. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, anyways! - BennettAwesomeTV

So annoying having to switch games for each story so all in one would be awesome and convenient.

I wander what they would put in the game if they made a awesome game like this!

Sucked that it was 2 games, it should be 1 game with all 7 years

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77 Lego Zombieland

You can design a character to play as to survive the zombie apocalypse!

78 Lego Batman 4 Marvel Super Heroes V 2 Comments
79 Lego Star Wars 4

It should have clone wars and episodes 7 8 and 9 once they are out. - Harri666

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80 Lego Disney
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