Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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81 Lego Goosebumps

Yes do it it would have sappy the blob monster blood and others

Cool I would like to have a game with monsters so yes

Cool I love snappy the dummy and other monsters

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82 Lego Avatar the Last Airbender

Loved the show, would make an excellent video game.

It's an epic show and it fits perfectly in the lego game formula
you have enough characters every episode can be a level it's just perfect for it

83 Lego Futurama

it will be like star treks world with free roam making your own weapons ships with your very own design and of course the hilarity of the cutscences and the great advance look of the level design - nightblazer534

Loved the show, would make an excellent video game.

84 Lego Zombieland

You can design a character to play as to survive the zombie apocalypse!

85 Lego x Men

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

Wolverine, wolverine!, wolverine!, wolverine!,.

Belongs to Lego marvel

Wolverine! - VideoGamefan5

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86 Lego Batman 4 Marvel Super Heroes V 2 Comments
87 Lego Star Wars 4

It should have clone wars and episodes 7 8 and 9 once they are out. - Harri666


This already exists, Lego Star wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS! - VideoGamefan5

88 Lego Regular Show
89 Lego Disney
90 Lego James Bond
91 Lego Guardians of the Galaxy

This could accompany the Lego avengers, especially with volume 2 coming soon!

This would be a awesome game.

I Would Love This - VideoGamefan5

Guardians of the Galaxy didn't even come so if the demo came out now the story would be werid

92 Lego Half Life

Lol it wold be cool

93 Lego Undertale

I don't think that they should make a Lego version of something that's already a video game - Username123

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94 Lego Prince of Persia
95 Lego God of War
96 Lego the Walking Dead

Most entries on this list are just things that people like. Some random guy likes Rambo, some random guy likes Percy Jackson. Just because it has a fan base doesn't mean it needs a Lego game. But zombies transcend age and anybody would enjoy an open-world action-adventure game with Rick and co. Imagine if you could make decisions that impact the gameplay! For example, what if you could convince Dr. Jenner to join you in your adventures or what if you could choose to keep Daryll in the group instead of letting him go off and find Merle? So many cool ideas that could be put to work!

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97 Lego Agents

Shame they discontinued the line.

98 Lego Batman 3: The Movie Saga

Can't wait to buy

99 Lego City: Undercover 2

I Love Lego City Undercover and I play it almost everyday. I had an idea for a new game called Lego City Undercover 2 The Wild Crime Chase! When A new Swamp police station is built Rex Fury escapes and Chase Goes out to investigate, but much to his disappointment Mayor Gleeson has ordered him and all the police to be fired. Chase goes undercover by himself and Investigates why the were fired and why Forrest Blackwell's monument is going to be built. PS Mayor Gleeson was kidnapped to make it sound like her voice was on the phone. And Chase got Natalia out of witness protection by sending Rex and Forrest Blackwell away.

What he said

100 Lego Thunderbirds

This seems like a great idea! Flying around in the Thunderbirds to save the day.

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