Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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101 Lego Battles Lord of the Lego V 3 Comments
102 Lego Mini Golf

Mini golf is awesome! Ones with hunts are amzing. American mini golf is cool. Try it in the dark you get a better experience. - cameronbrown

103 Lego Free Running
104 Lego Superman

For me this would be in 4th place I mean super man is my favorite super hero!

105 Lego Zombies: Blockdown

It would introduce something truly epic to the Lego industry attracting FPS fans and Lego fans in an epic way. Besides the title is hilarious. Don't you get it? - bonezee

V 1 Comment
106 Lego Tomb Raider

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

Would be awesome for the reboot in 2013

107 Lego Zelda: Ganon's Return

That would be cool if Lego Zelda were made for the Wii or any other system

108 Lego Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Return
109 Lego Black Ops: Zombies

It would not be too violent because the Lego's would just fall apart not produce blood - redshadow

V 3 Comments
110 Lego Rambo
111 Lego Larry the Cable Guy

I am sorry but that does not sound so good

Hahaaahaha I hope this is not serious because it's terrible but it made me laugh

112 Lego Nitro Circus
113 Lego Twilight
114 Lego Titanic

Best game possible imagine the ship cracking and mini lego blocks go flying everywhere. Jack and rose minifigures

115 Lego Mickey Mouse

Well, there was a Lego Star Wars, and Disney bought Star Wars, so this should be obvious. Each level would be based on the mickey mouse cartoons! I WANT TO BE LEGO MICKEY!

116 Lego Breaking Bad V 1 Comment
117 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2: Loki's Revenge V 3 Comments
118 Lego Skylanders

I would try it.. But, what bout all the figurines you gotta buy. Would you have to buy Lego figures

V 2 Comments
119 Lego Invader Zim

Since it never had a proper ending, let this be it. come on, it SCREAMS epic.

V 2 Comments
120 Lego Naughty Bear

Heck yeah! I would love this! - Wolftail

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