Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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121 Lego Titanic

Best game possible imagine the ship cracking and mini lego blocks go flying everywhere. Jack and rose minifigures

122 Lego Mickey Mouse

Well, there was a Lego Star Wars, and Disney bought Star Wars, so this should be obvious. Each level would be based on the mickey mouse cartoons! I WANT TO BE LEGO MICKEY!

123 Lego Army

You could join the air force, navy, etc. and relive some of the greatest battles and wars in Lego form.

124 Lego Breaking Bad V 1 Comment
125 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2: Loki's Revenge V 3 Comments
126 Lego Skylanders

I would try it.. But, what bout all the figurines you gotta buy. Would you have to buy Lego figures

Already made Lego dimensions.


127 Lego Invader Zim

Since it never had a proper ending, let this be it. come on, it SCREAMS epic.

V 2 Comments
128 Lego Naughty Bear

Heck yeah! I would love this! - Wolftail

129 Lego Toy Story

This already came out


130 Lego Shrek V 3 Comments
131 Lego Universe

The first one was bad but this one would be a single player game where you can explore the universe, complete quests, or don't follow the story at all and just blow crap up. Visit Lego France, bomb the Eiffel tower, fly over to Hawaii, take control of the plane before it lands and crash it into the ocean. Find the nearest vehicle spawner and spawn a speedboat to take you to California. There you experience an earthquake, so you decide to hop on your trusty dragon (unlocked after reaching the moon) and fly over to New York, where you take the subway over to a convenience store and get a job as a cashier. With the money you've earned, you buy yourself a spaceship that takes you to the stars. Whatever you want to do you can. I just think this would be the absolute coolest thing ever.

132 Lego Pikmin
133 Lego Mario Kart
134 Lego Fast N the Furious In Memory of Paul
135 Lego Fairy Tail

Yes please yes



136 Lego the Chronicles of Narnia V 1 Comment
137 Lego Pixels

I think this would be a great idea please do it

138 Lego Jaws
139 Lego Angry Birds
140 Lego Meat Boy
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