Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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141 Lego Xenoblade
142 Lego Space Quest
143 Lego Guitar Hero
144 Lego Angry Birds
145 Lego Legends of the Guardians
146 Lego Ghostbusters the Video Game

GREAT idea, but is in lego dimensions: a level that is based on the whole film and a free roam part where you can free roam and earn characters etc.

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

Hey if they make a game a villain team up would be nice

This is possible, for there are anniversary sets.

147 Lego Muppets Song Tour
148 Lego Camp Scares

The scariest Lego video game ever if they make it

149 Lego Dance Party

Laugh out loud! I can imagine this now. Quite a genius idea, whoever added this! - Wolftail

150 Lego Marvel Battle

400 yeses this gam would be awesome and great!

151 Lego vs Jaws
152 Lego Rock Band 3
153 Lego Rock Band 4
154 Lego Ghostbusters

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

Would be purse awesomeness to see Stay Puft, Slimer, and all the Ghostbusters made into a game.

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155 Lego Call of Duty
156 Lego Sesame Street
157 Lego the Spectacular Spider-Man
158 Lego Space Police
159 Lego True Grit V 1 Comment
160 Lego St. Peters
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