Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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161 Lego Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Had A Video Game And It Sucked, So A Lego One Would Suck - VideoGamefan5

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162 Lego Portal V 3 Comments
163 Lego Pacific Rim

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

164 Lego Metal Tour

The hub would be a tour bus driving to different locations. You could play as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and a couple of other bands. The story would be about an evil record label manipulating people into attacking metal bands stopping them from making money on pop music. The opening scene would have all of the playable bands find out Black Sabbath has cancelled any further activity because of personal health problems.
The drummer would throw drumsticks to attack people.

165 Lego Total Drama V 1 Comment
166 Lego College Football
167 Lego Nascar
168 Lego Super Smash Bros V 1 Comment
169 Lego Star Wars Ultra Extra Saga

The game will be awesome you can Play multiplayer and added new characters like Percy Jacskon, Harry Potter, Yourself to!

170 Lego Army

You could join the air force, navy, etc. and relive some of the greatest battles and wars in Lego form.

171 Lego Tennis
172 Lego Table Tennis
173 Lego All Stars

With Top Ten Characters from each game, we could finally see Voldemort fight alongside Loki or Anikin fight alongside Legolas. It would be the ultimate Lego game of good vs evil from all Lego games including ones that haven't been made yet like Percy Jackson and hunger games

Best characters from all games unite so you can finally see Loki and Voldemort can fight together against Aragorn and Anikin in the ultimate showdown between good and Evil.

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174 Lego Battle 2
175 Lego Capcom

Would be cool, but practically the same

176 Lego the Hobbit

Their is already a Lego the hobbit game

177 Lego Skyrim V 2 Comments
178 Lego Playstation All-Stars
179 Lego Dessert Adventures
180 Lego Uncharted V 1 Comment
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