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1 Law - Evading Rock

Even though the lyrics are vulgar and depressing, this is still a very catchy song. And Neru wrote it. - ZachMandoGames

My 3rd favorite vocaloid song!

2 Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

This is the Len CLASSIC. Yes yes Servant of Evil could also be considered a classic, but I personally enjoy the more upbeat songs over the slower ones, at least for Len.

This song should be in a higher ranking! I don't know what it is at when you see this but right now its at 4th! I love Len-kun and every time he sings the chorus I fangirl inside (so my family doesn't think I'm any crazier lol) and this song has a very deep meaning to it. I can relate to it.

This is the first Vocaloid song I had ever heard and I just fell in love with it! Both the song and the singer! Len Kagamine Rocks!

Sang at miku expo, this is amazing

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3 Sacred Spear Explosion Boy

It's a cool song, with a fourteen year old talking about sex.

This Is The Best Song Ever I Heard From Len-Kun

I love this song. It's my jam!

10 million Youtube views. - ZachMandoGames

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4 Embarrassment - Hiding Adolescence

10 million YouTube views. - ZachMandoGames

5 Servant of Evil

Gotta be kidding me! No one thought of Servant Of Evil before me? It's one of Len's most successful songs! It's an extremely fantastic emotional tale of the tragic fate of two twins separated when young. I'll describe it in two symbols.,

This is such a beautiful song! This has to be one of my favorites. I don't normally cry for anything, but this song made me cry so much! It just has so much meaning in it!

It's so so so so sad when I watch and remember that song and the video I cry a lot it's beautiful the end of the video is so sad when len smiles. :(

Easily the best song! This is what got me into Vocaloid and just Len in general! #1!

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6 Gigantic Otn

Even though this song has explicit lyrics, it's still very catchy and has an exciting beat to it. It even got stuck in my head for about 3 months and it makes me want to dance. This should be #1!

This is what made me a Len fanboy, the best piece of works with Len, and the catchiest rhythm. I think this should deserve a number 1

The lyrics are way too wild for a 14 year old, but the amazingly catchy beat makes up for it! Definitely one of the best Len songs!

The only pervert song I can find on here

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7 Fire Flower

This is a really brilliant song

Amazing song I love it SO MUCH

cute song

Like a FIRE FLOWER BOKU GA...gomen

8 Young Disease Outburst Boy
9 Justitia Of Life

A great song by Neru. - ZachMandoGames

10 Soundless Voice

Just beautiful and peaceful. One of my Favorite Len's song. This piano filled background song is certainly a masterpiece.

Len kun the I suki

I love this song the piano part sounds great and the song that Rin sings called proof of life is great as well but I love this song and I really love Len

Such a touching and beautiful song! I love it!

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11 Confession Rehearsal - Another Story
12 Childish War

It's just a normal sibling fight which I totally agreed and love

This song is one of my favorites it's super catchy and cute

The music is funny and cute

Len is so kawaii in that song

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13 Electric Angel

This song is so adorable! It's basically a love song to the listener! It is my favorite vocaloid song when it is sung by rin and Len because they harmonize so well. This is the first vocaloid song I ever listened to and I will always love it. It also has a great beat.

This song is so cute! It will NEVER get old!

Electric Angel is adorable and I prefer Len and Rin's version over Miku's

I liked it better than. Miku's and it was so cute!

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14 Remote Control

This will never get old and should definitely be in a higher ranking

Fantastsic and totally underrated on this list

15 Plus Boy (+ ♂)

I remember finding this song last year... I thought it was gross at first(the lyrics this is before hearing the song), ut after hearing the song for the first time way back then, I put it on repeat, and I dance to it when I'm alone.

It sucks that only 2% like it... This song needs more love...

Plus Boy is so damn catchy and I don't know I just love it, probably one of my favorite Vocaloid song ever

this song is so catchy. I find myself singing it around the house all day

Am I the only one who thinks this song Isn't all that dirty and that It's In a way funny?

Yes in this song Len lusts over girls, and he said f* but he was being a boy who hit puberty, starts crushing on various girls like his classmates, a girl from another class and even his upperclassmen. And he tries to avoid himself from looking like a pervert. - MLPFan

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16 Paradichlorobenzene 【destructive - Type Brainwashing Song】

I've fallen in love with this song the first time I heard it! The lyrics are pretty fast so you may have to pause a few times to read them.

The heck? How You Spell That? Good song overall though

This song is super awesome, really catchy, and really interesting. Love it.

Strange dark is beautiful
Song is catchy
Lyrics are relatable
Would listen again 10/10


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17 Tokyo Zombie Land
18 Pomp and Circumstances

Len is very sexy in this song even if Miku,Rin,Luka,Gumi and IA sang it
a lot better :-)

19 Dream Eating Monochrome Baku

My first Vocaloid song EVER. Will always be a special song, it's really catchy and I like the artwork too

I really love this song, and I don't know why it isn't higher up!

This is my favorite vocaloid song ever len is so sexy in it


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20 Wave
21 Mr. Taxi

I love Mr. Taxi, it has a great beat to it, the occasional English words, as so catchy I sing it in my sleep!

This song is super duper catchy I sometimes sing it

This technically is a K-Pop song, but this version's better that the K-Pop one in my opinion

I LOVE THIS DANG SONG! It's so sexy! Len sings it better than Girls Generation. This song was made for him:-)

22 True Love Restraint

How is this not #1? Or even on the list? This is one of his best songs! Len is way too underrated! Get rid of Miku!

I don't agree with getting rid of Miku-Chan. But Len should be higher rated so he would have more concert time and more songs :D

Len is so creepy. I love it.

I love it. Especially yandere Len so hot

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23 Alice of Human Sacrifice

This song is kinda creepy and Len dies so terrible but the music is good and I just love Len's voice combine with the others in one song.

This song is totes creepy but it is still a good song

Oh gosh, I love this - ajkk55

They copied Kurapika they have red eyes

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24 Shota Shota Burning Night

Best song ever!

I rlly wanna learn the dance to this song... I'm no much of a visual learner though. Oh well...

25 Maid Factor
26 Ponponpon

Like it when they copy each other

One word: awesome.

Cool song, right

27 The Lost One's Weeping

Even though Rin made the original, it still gives me goosebumps just listening to it! It has such a strong meaning to it!

It's My favorite song ever!

SO CATCHY! But kinda sad...

28 Toluthin Antenna

This song is so cute! should be higher

29 Kokoro Kiseki

So sad I did cry

It's beautiful in every way! I love it! Especially the v4x version!

30 Goodbye, Rock'n'roll

Great song

31 Super Hero

Why!? Why did I have to add this song to the list? Why wasn't it here already! It has such a deep and true message. It shows how Len tries to show the message of justice and help others and how he eventually believes the government is the greatest evil. In the song it shows the process of how his perspective of whats right and wrong becomes twisted and at the end, shows how someone else is going to follow in the same footsteps. That's not the full description but its best to listen to the actual song. But still, why...

32 Sentimental Android

I love how Len's voice is when he sings in this song! It's so awesome!


33 Fallin' Down

Sexy. That's all

This is just the best song EVER

He was almost naked


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34 Against the World
35 Unhappy Refrain

I love Len and Rin's versin better that Miku's! It just sounds so much cooler!

36 Classroom Bystander
37 The Rampage of Len Kagamine

This song has a fast beat, great visuals, that amazing line of your life having no meaning, it’s my favorite Vocaloid song of all time! It shows the struggle Len faces all the time and I just want to squeeze him with all of his troubles. Also, Road Rolla rampage.

38 Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance
39 Gee
40 I Feel a Storm Coming!

Oh goat that song is beeping cute! Aaaa

41 Trick or Treat

This was the first ever vocaloid song I heard and I remember it being my most favourite song ever. The singing is really good and I love the overall theme of the song.

This song is catchy and creepy and amazing!

Best song ever ^_^ one problem, the sample is NOT trick and treat! Nor is the picture. The sample sounds like bad end night but only with Len.

42 Unravel

It's Len's Append version of the Tokyo Ghoul opening song. It's my absolute favorite. In my opinion Len's voice fits the song better than Miku's but both are rather good.

43 Re_ Birthday


This song is so sad...makes me want to cry

44 Romeo and Cinderella

His version is amazinggg

45 Burst

It's so catchy and I know it's Rin and Len

46 Straight-Faced Science Girl

A sorta duet of len and rin one of my favorite songs that has bondage in the lyrics and science stuff.

47 Hachi - Hachi Flowery Battle of the Kagamines

This song make you feel high spirits. Love it the moment I heard it

It is a competition-spirited song about hanafuda and definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

48 Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito

Len and KAITO did a good duet for this song - MLPFan

This song is pretty good.

49 Friday's Good Mornings

Len's cover is way better than Gumi's original version. This song would have been more popular if he replaced her as the original artist. - ZachMandoGames

50 Parallelines
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