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41 Classroom Bystander
42 Discotheque Love
43 Puzzle
44 Lost Destination

This song is a masterpiece. It deserves more recognition. It's not every day you get to find a song as epic as this. I totally recommend listening to it

45 Knight of Letzel
46 Outer Science

The tunes really catchy, the lyrics ARE somewhat questionable.

47 Gekokujou
48 Soleil

It sounds so beautiful!

49 Outlaw No Shoushin
50 Night Walker

This song is a bit creepy but has a catchy tune.

51 Falling Falling Snow

I thought this song was even more emotional than servant of evil! It had me crying through my heart! His songs are always so tragic... !

I know right. None of his songs are happy! (seriously, all vocaloid songs aren't happy)

52 Orange

This song is great song! Can make me happy!

53 Endless Wedge

Great sad song ever!

54 Meltdown

Guys, Len can sing higher than Rin. Especially in this song. And world is mine. He's amaze

How come this song is not on the list?!?!?! I love the Rin and Len versions of this song

Len has a high voice for this I love it

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55 Yanderenka - Psychotic Len's Love Song

I'm shocked this is so low down, this song is amazing! It should be second at least

Are you kidding me? Not even on the list, underrated. It's amazing plus can be so relatable (OKAYNOTTHEMURDERPARTIAMAGOODPERSONOKAY) despite its sad

I think its not only the best, it's also the saddest... It was the first song that made me cry and really touched me. It's basicly my story

56 Kanashimi No Nami Ni Oboreru (Drowning In a Wave of Sadness)

Its very sad but also true. It could happen to everyone! It kinda already happend to me...

57 Climax Full Course

Len is so hot and sexy in this song. It may be sexual but is a good song! May also be catchy, well at least for me though...

Oh god so good and sexy af

58 Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito

Len and KAITO did a good duet for this song - MLPFan

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