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41 Romeo and Cinderella

His version is amazinggg

42 Burst

It's so catchy and I know it's Rin and Len

43 Straight-Faced Science Girl

A sorta duet of len and rin one of my favorite songs that has bondage in the lyrics and science stuff.

44 Hachi - Hachi Flowery Battle of the Kagamines

This song make you feel high spirits. Love it the moment I heard it

It is a competition-spirited song about hanafuda and definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

45 Classroom Bystander
46 Friday's Good Mornings

Len's cover is way better than Gumi's original version. This song would have been more popular if he replaced her as the original artist. - ZachMandoGames

47 Spice!

I love this song len is so sexy and to tell he did all of this for rin to notice him ( the song was stuck in my head I even my self singing it in the shower )

SPICE! In the video Len looks so cool and the music is awesome. This is one of Len's best songs. I love this song so much.

Even though this song is... you know, It has a deep meaning

I love this song - MLPFan

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48 Prisoner

I love this song even though I've cried

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49 Out of Eden

I-LOVE this song man. Especially his voice and the lyrics. Do you guys agree?

For some reason when I first heard this I couldn't stop listening to it!

SO catchy! Has a really upbeat feel to it! I love this song!

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50 Discotheque Love
51 Puzzle
52 Lost Destination

This song is a masterpiece. It deserves more recognition. It's not every day you get to find a song as epic as this. I totally recommend listening to it

53 Knight of Letzel
54 Outer Science

The tunes really catchy, the lyrics ARE somewhat questionable.

55 Gekokujou
56 Soleil

It sounds so beautiful!

57 Outlaw No Shoushin
58 Night Walker

This song is a bit creepy but has a catchy tune.

59 Falling Falling Snow

I thought this song was even more emotional than servant of evil! It had me crying through my heart! His songs are always so tragic... !

I know right. None of his songs are happy! (seriously, all vocaloid songs aren't happy)

60 Orange

This song is great song! Can make me happy!

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