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41 Gunslinger

I encourage everyone who reads this to listen to Gunslinger. It's a great song. Starts off so calm, then hits. it becomes a fiery explosion of pride in your head.

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHEN I'M COMING HOME TO YOU. It starts off all slow and country, then it goes METAL! 1 - TheKnifeMaster

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42 Doing Time
43 Girl I Know

Awesome song it's a damn shame that this isn't in the top 5. Dancing dead is also one of my all time favorites as well.

Probably the best song on Diamonds in the Rough, a powerhouse of fun. Sounds like a mix between the albums Avenged Sevenfold and Nightmare.

44 Chapter Four

Easily their best song hands down in my opinion

Best a7x song hands down

45 Sidewinder
46 Critical Acclaim

No other song can describe governmental hypocrisies as good as this one does... Shame it wasn't on this list! Should've easily gotten a spot in the top 5..

47 Victim

This song was inspired by the death of the drummer, The Rev. This song tells the story about the scene of the Rev's death place which is his house. In this song, Avenged Sevenfold's members also added that they want to meet him in a place they would like to come which is the afterlife. This is a very emotional song and I always shed my tears everytime I hear this song. RIP The Rev, The Reverend will never end.

48 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2

Even under-rated on this list...

This song is even underrated on this list, that's bullcrap

49 Shepherd of Fire
50 Save Me

Save Me is a7x's best song. Whether its most underrated or not, it is amazing. The complexity in the song, with the great writing, guitar riffs, key changes, and lets not forget Syn's nicest guitar solo ever, puts this song immediately on the top. Every time I hear this song, I get legitimate tingles around 3/4 into the song.

Most underrated song ever? I think so.

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51 Paranoid

Awesome song. Avenged rocks. I like save me a lot. Drumming is amazing.

I've yet to see this on a list. - fireinside96

52 Unbound (The Wild Ride)

Underrated yet a brilliant song. Should further up this list by a long way.

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53 Eternal Rest

Dark in their hearts,
I can feel it burn inside of me
Tormented young with no souls, haunting me
Pain in their lives all they know is misery
Take these chains away that are holding me down
Holding me down. Coolest chorus in any song ever

Such a crunchy groovy riff when the main verse kicks in! Awesome intro solo, and awesome clean verses in the latter half. Most underrated song in their library hands down. My number 2 a7x song after bat country.

54 Exist

Incredible Prog Song, absolute perfection.

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55 Flash of The Blade (Iron Maiden Cover)

obviously not as good as maidens. but come on it is maiden. still amazing anyway - wolphert

56 Carry On
57 Welcome to the Family

I don't know if this is underrated or not but I never heard anyone talk about it. I love this song. - EliHbk

58 Danger Line

This song has it all
Great vocals
Great drums
Great riff
Great bass
This truly is a very underrated song along with unbound, requiem, planets, and lost

59 Paradigm
60 Unholy Confessions

This list is about the lesser known songs.

The best a7x song to date. This song is the backbone of this band, it is what brought them to the mainstream. If Unholy Confessions wasn't a hit a7x wouldn't be who the are today. The song is just not to hard or to soft with excellent vocals, screams, riffs, strumning and drumming

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