Top 10 Lesser Known Breaking Benjamin Songs


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1 Crawl

Dark but yet somehow beautiful. A shame this song isn't recognised as much ad it deserves.

2 Had Enough
3 Hopeless

Just perfect. Enough said

4 Away

Awesome song - ethanwakeman

My favorite breaking Benjamin songs
1. The diary of jane
2. Away
3. Lights out
4. Polyamorous
5. Sooner or later
6. Blown away
7. Until the end

5 Dance with the Devil

I get chills when I hear this song. The vocals are amazing, and the lyrics are beautiful and creepy at the same time. My all-time favorite; you will not regret listening.

Wait...This song isn't well known? Since when?

... What this song doing in here? Dance with the devil is a mass popular and well known song from phobia. As the other 2.

6 Fade Away

Should be a single :(

One of the best songs ever

7 Follow

How can anyone listen to this song and just brush it off? It's so underrated. This song is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard and it deserves to be one of their best

This song is amazing and should be in BB's top 10 by far

8 Dear Agony
9 Into the Nothing


10 Anthem of the Angels

This song is so beautiful and the melodies are emotional and infectious. Easily my most favorite song from any band.

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11 Forget It
12 Phase

Out of the ground, I rise to grace. Nobody knows it's just a phase. Help me, I'm out of breath again. Nobody knows the way to make it go away... PHASE!

13 Without You

This is EPIC! No way this should be on 16th! I've listened to it a 1000 times and still it's THE BEST! The music, vocals, they seem to be from heaven!

It's beautiful.

U kidding me? Give it a try people

14 No Games
15 Unknown Soldier

This song is one of those songs where you don't stop being effected by its beauty until hous after it's over. - GREATEST

16 Next to Nothing

Such an underrated before they reached suces. This was when there main influence was and grunge such as nirvana

17 Sugarcoat

This one is so hardcore! Love it!

18 Firefly
19 Evil Angel

My favorite breaking benjamin song

20 What Lies Beneath
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