Top 10 Lesser Known Breaking Benjamin Songs


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21 Simple Design
22 Break My Fall
23 Natural Life
24 Polyamorous
25 Breakdown
26 Believe
27 Water

Simple song that sounds incredible!

28 Medicate
29 The Great Divide
30 Home

A song that can truthfully mean something different and yet personal to each individual that hears it.

31 Here We Are
32 Wish I May
33 Forever
34 Until the End

It is a beautiful song, as all of their songs are, but this one is sadly unknown, it took me a while to find this song, but once I did, I feel in love. In every song Ben sings, his voice expresses real emotions, and his screams almost represent the frustration and agitation he has with life at times. The way he writes lyrics are phenomenally wonderful, and true, and when the perform live, their band is exactly precise in the songs they play. if you need someone to understand you, or you feel alone, listen to breaking benjamin.

35 Topless
36 You Fight Me
37 You
38 Lights Out
39 Shallow Bay

The best song from saturate

40 Ordinary Man
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