Top 10 Lesser Known Evanescence Songs


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1 My Last Breath


2 Haunted
3 Lacrymosa

I didn't even know about this song. Just saw it in this list and then decided to hear it. Its good :)... - dontmesswidme

Amy wrote this song under ifluence of Mozart's Lacrymosa. She said that When she was teen se fell in love with Mozart and wrote this song.

4 Weight of the World
5 Taking Over Me

Their best song but so underrated...

6 Made of Stone

She is amazing. This song really speaks to me and that is why I love it so much


Great vocals
Very good guitar piece - korochan

7 Tourniquet

How is this not top 5? no body I know even has heard ofi t

8 Hello

A superb song from their debut album "Fallen", it is not known as for example "My Immortal" but it has great beauty in the lyrics - MatrixGuy

Hello is my favorite Evanescence song next to My Immortal and Missing. Clearly needs a lot more attention. - DipperPines

A simply beautifully depressing song with a sad story that is true and could happen to anyone.

Honestly, this is better than Adele's Hello. - KianaLexi

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9 Erase This
10 Imaginary

The Contenders

11 Whisper

This was an EXTREMELY hard choice. All of their songs kick ass! It was hardest for me to choose between Whisper, Tourniquet, and My Last Breath. I also really love Imaginary, Hello, All That I'm Living For, and Weight Of The World. So all of them I guess!

I LOVE this song! It encourages people to conquere their fears.

12 Snow White Queen
13 The Only One
14 Never Go Back
15 Together Again

This song is so underrated.

16 Forever Gone, Forever You

My favorite Amy Lee/Evanescence song, followed by "Together Again". Riveting kickoff, abstrute lyrics, and once you get the hang of it, odds of which are monstrously high, you'll fall all over again, in love this wonderfully grand woman, we've known as Amy Lee...

17 All that I'm Living For
18 Like You

Such a sad song.

19 Your Star
20 Cloud Nine

Although I had a difficult time choosing, I think "Cloud Nine" is very underrated. Very haunting and beautiful. Amy's voice is amazing and this is one of my favorites off "The Open Door".

I adore this song!
Best lyrics and music in it

21 Swimming Home
22 Sick

I love this song, it's one of my favorites for sure! - CeeCee1025

23 Understanding

This song shouldn't be on this list :( It's one of Evanescence's most beautiful songs!

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24 Lies
25 Anywhere

Love this so much!

26 Even In Death

Please give this song a chance its unbelievably amazing it blows you away and you become addicted with t even though it so sad its really good amys vocals are amazing here too.

27 Field of Innocence
28 Lose Control
29 Oceans
30 The Change
31 Where Will You Go
32 Away From Me
33 Eternal
34 Farther Away
35 Missing
36 You

I love this song, despite its release unofficial... I just love how it's basically the words that you might say to someone, opposed to many metaphors and choruses... it all just ties together.

37 The Other Side
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1. Snow White Queen
2. Imaginary
3. Tourniquet
1. My Last Breath
2. Weight of the World
3. Made of Stone
1. Forever Gone, Forever You
2. Tourniquet
3. Together Again


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