Top 10 Lesser-Known Good Movies

C'mon, theres no way any of us could possibly watch all the movies, from all the genres, that are available for us to watch. I am hoping not only to have someone watch a movie I list here, but to myself watch alot of movies that others add. Lets share. I will attempt to keep my original 10 to movies that were at least somewhat popular, at some point, but any film, however obscure, is wecome.

The Top Ten Lesser-Known Good Movies

1 Body Heat

Although highly critically acclaimed, it somehow falls through the cracks on most lists of great films of the 1980's, both here and elsewhere online. Its twisted, and racy, so I would recommend it for more mature viewers. A great movie I feel many my age have at least seen, but even I let it drift for a number of years. I'm glad I re-watched it. - CyberRat

2 Ran

Among the many visually brilliant films by legendary director Akira Kirosawa, this one somehow either rates lower, or is sometimes even forgotten. I believe it to be on a par visually with not only Kirosawa's best work, but with the best in the history of cinematography. Of course, if you have not seen Kirosawa's brilliant "Seven Samurai", I suggest you start there, but that film is often rated the best film of all time by both critics and Hollywood insiders alike, so chances are many here have seen it. - CyberRat

3 We the Animals

A poetic masterpiece - Y2K

4 The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Nicholson shines in this wicked, funny and well produced gem. The cast as a whole is very good. Among my film buff friends, no one brings it up, but when I did, it was lauded on many fronts. - CyberRat

5 My Father, My Lord

Lovingly crafted and heartbreaking - Y2K

6 Eyes Without a Face

I've seen a few folks here mention this film, but not too many, so I'll add it on the chance many have not seen it. Groundbreaking horror. brilliant adaption to the big screen. - CyberRat

Great list! Informative and interesting.
Added to favourites :D - Ananya

Billy Idol - CedreticFomento

7 Attack the Block

Saw some of this one online. It was very well done, and I can't wait to get back to it. Thank you for adding - CyberRat

8 Dark City

Great homage to the German classic "Metropolis", with its own unique twist. This is fairly recent (1998) comparatively, so I suspect even more will have seen it, but even if you have, there's a Roger Ebert commentary included (on select copies) that really explains a lot of how the film was shot, and gives insight into filmmaking as a whole. Good cast, with Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland and the stunning Jennifer Connelly. - CyberRat

9 Lean on Pete

Surprisingly raw, sad, and beautiful for a boy and his horse movie. Excellent depiction of one face of poverty in America. - Y2K

10 The Hot Spot

Very racy, mature audience drama. Well acted. Sneaky good story. - CyberRat

Two words: Jennifer Connelly. - truckturner

The Newcomers

? The Hill
? Bug

The Contenders

11 Luce

2019 film with some of the sharpest writing out there, exploring race and the model minority stereotype - Y2K

12 Boy

Taika Waititi's best movie is only well-known in New Zealand - Y2K

13 Red Rock West

One of Nicolas Cage's best performances, which in itself is worth the time. Lara Flynn Boyle and Dennis Hopper shine! Very good HBO movie. - CyberRat

14 Better Watch Out
15 Matchstick Men

Another Nicolas Cage vehicle, but it's the supporting cast and story that really carry this film for me. This is probably the most likely film here that many are familiar with, but if you haven't seen this, its great. - CyberRat

16 High Fidelity

Another somewhat popular, fairly recent film, that seemingly gets little attention here. Ironic, humorous story on relationships, and our universal confusion concerning them. Great soundtrack, with a underground record store as a backdrop. A young Jack Black is hilarious. Great performances throughout. - CyberRat

17 Shoot 'Em Up

Action-comedy that really pushes boundaries. Clive Own is awesome - Y2K

18 Captain Fantastic
19 The Family Man
20 Sleeping Giant
21 House of Games

Excellent. Intense and twisted con man drama. - CyberRat

22 Broken Trail
23 Open Range

Although he takes a lot of flack in the media, Kevin Costner sure knows that authenticity plays well. His films have such a convincing look and feel for the period in which they are set. This is a fine example of that, for my taste. Great performances in this gritty, absorbing western. Thank you for adding - CyberRat

24 Brad's Status
25 Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale

I love Tom and Jerry, but I haven't heard of this... It looks like the older ones, which are my favorite. Great time of year to break this out I'm thinking. - CyberRat

My personal favorite out of all of the Tom and Jerry movies, just saying. - PerfectImpulseX

26 A Touch of Zen
27 Night Moves

I've spent the last couple of my daily allotment of votes trying to get all these wonderful Gene Hackman films moved ahead on the list, and for my tastes, this one is just about perfect. Thank you for this great recommendation. - CyberRat

28 To Live and Die in L.A.

Brilliant really. It met with limited success on it's theatrical release, but has since gained a large cult following, so I guess it qualifies as somewhat well known.
Still, I don't hear much about it on this site, so if you've got the time and means, check this out.
Suspenseful, artsy, gritty. I wouldn't want to ruin this for anyone with too many spoilers, but at a minimum, it has a great car chase sequence reminiscent of some of the greatest in cinematic history (The French Connection, Bullitt, etc.) shot on the streets and highways of LA. - CyberRat

29 The Great Escape

Surprised to see this excellent film here. I wouldn't say it was lesser-known at all; especially around Christmastime. It also has some of the most iconic and memorable scenes in film.

30 Children of Men

Great movie. One of my favorites. Highly recommend. - THC13

31 The Decline of Western Civilization

Best Documentary I've seen. - CyberRat

32 After Hours

Great recommendation. One of Scorsese's finest hidden gems. I had totally forgotten it, and will definitely check this out this weekend. Thanks - CyberRat

33 Straight Time

Spent way too long passing on commenting on this one. Outstanding film. Thanks for adding - CyberRat

34 Prince of the City
35 North by Northwest
36 The Devils
37 Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

If you haven't seen this one, check it out asap. Thanks for adding - CyberRat

38 Pan's Labyrinth
39 The Last Detail
40 True Confessions
41 Badlands
42 Metropolis
43 The Big Sleep
44 In Bruges
45 The Year of Living Dangerously

Great Stuff. Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver shine in this intense drama. - CyberRat

46 The Friends of Eddie Coyle
47 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
48 The Conversation

Another solid Hackman performance - CyberRat

49 The Thin Red Line
50 Strange Days
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