Top Ten Lesser Known Metal Albums That Are Very Influential


The Top Ten

1 Possessed - Seven Churches

First Death Metal album ever.

2 Venom - Welcome to Hell
3 Slayer - Hell Awaits

This priceless jewel of raw brutality must be the first record that defines how the thrash must be: aggressive and relentless!
With Sacrifice Torment in Fire, Kreator Flag of Hate, HellHammer and the like

4 Godflesh - Streetcleaner
5 In Rock - Deep Purple
6 Exhorder - Slaughter of the Vatican
7 Body Count - Body Count
8 Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium
9 Venom - Black Metal
10 Judas Priest - Stained Class

The Contenders

11 Rising - Rainbow
12 Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
13 Sin After Sin - Judas Priest
14 Melvins - Melvins
15 Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2 - Helloween

It was enormously influential in power and melodic metal

I agree it was very influential but Blind Guardian and Iced Earth were not influenced by this album. Hansi Kursch stated it many times (besides, I really don't hear Kiske's era stuff in Blind Guardian and Iced Earth).
Only Blind Guardian's first 2 albums (with speed metal) were partly influenced by Helloween but it was another Helloween album - Walls Of Jericho. - Metal_Treasure

Why is this so low? POwer Metal would'n exist without this masterpiece.And,thanks to it nad Helloween,we have Gamma Ray,Blind Guardian,Stratovarius,Rhapsody,Iced Earth and many morre awesome bands - DejanKalinic

16 Fear Factory - Soul of a New Machine
17 Neurosis - Souls at Zero
18 Sepultura - Morbid Visions
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1. In Rock - Deep Purple
2. Venom - Black Metal
3. Rising - Rainbow
1. Possessed - Seven Churches
2. Fear Factory - Soul of a New Machine
3. Body Count - Body Count
1. Possessed - Seven Churches
2. Slayer - Hell Awaits
3. Venom - Welcome to Hell



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