Top 10 Lesser-Known Sega Genesis Games

The Top Ten

1 Alisia Dragoon
2 Ranger X
3 General Chaos
4 Midnight Resistance
5 Master of Monsters
6 Landstalker
7 Herzog Zwei
8 Eternal Champions
9 Quackshot
10 Dragon's Revenge

The Contenders

11 Fatal Labyrinth
12 Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

Sure, the first Rocket Knight Adventures may have gained it's loyal following, but not a lot of people have played it's sequel. And that's a shame, because whilst not as good as the first game it still proves to be an enjoyable romp with greater emphasis on exploring the levels, an upgraded rocket pack and another awesome soundtrack, more people should check this game out. - SuperSonic17

13 The Immortal

Violent and good!

14 Pirates Gold!
15 Super Thunder Blade
16 Ecco Jr.
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