Top Ten Lesser Known System of a Down Songs

The best of the lesser known System of a Down songs.

The Top Ten

1 Lost in Hollywood

Where is the metro?

This song is so epic and is in my top 5 and what is Chop Suey doing in third on this list, it is their biggest hit song - Danielsun182

excellant riff. so much emotion, sounds really sad to me.

This song is great, one of my favourite SOAD songs. - dragon13304

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2 I-E-A-I-A-I-O

This song is hypnotic. Gets you completely hooked with the powerful beats and angelic vocals.. You never want it to end.

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3 Prison Song

If you think about it no one really knows many System of a Down songs except byob, chop suey, and lonely day... But every song is amazing and the prison song is badass - Okami

What the heck is chop suey doing here? That and BYOB are System of a Down'S most well known.

The title is best lesser known songs. Even people who don't know system know chop suey

best soad song to headbang

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4 Chop Suey!

Why is this on here? - TheMETALgiant

Lesser know? It was the second song from system of a dawn I've known by name! And it's great!

This is the most known song by them.

musically it is a great song - moose4life19

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5 P.L.U.C.K.

I agree, many people haven't heard this song. IT'S A GREAT ALTERNATIVE METAL SONG! With the fusion of Daron and Serj vocals and a great guitar and drums... - rock2metal

One of the best SOAD songs, even out of their more common ones. And whhoever added Chop Suey to this list is on the wrong list. everyone knows Chop Suey. That is... EVERYONE. - killerkiwi23

One of my favourite songs by System, I prefer this one rather than some of the "best" they say out there.

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6 Sad Statue

What is is us that turns a deaf ear to the cries of human suffering?!

Favorite song it's one the first I heard.

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Love the solo!

How can you not love this song

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8 Ego Brain


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9 Streamline

An amazingly beautiful song. It has a heartbreaking story, yet their classic heavy metal and slightly Egypt-esque tune. Definitely my favorite song ever.

One of the only songs that is actually lesser known. Grooving bass, Crazy awesome drumming,. Chop suey, IEAIAIO, and lost in hollywood are not lesser known. THIS IS AEWWSOME

The emotion put into this song and the entrancing, almost Egypt-esque beat make this song unique and beautiful.

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10 Highway Song

Great! One of my favorite System of a Down songs. But why Chop Suey is on this list?

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The Contenders

11 Mr. Jack

How comes Chop Suey got to no. 3? That's their most famous song. This is so underrated. - metaldude8

This has to be at 10 at least!

Y'know, since Chop Suey is on here, which is jut plain false since EVERY System of a Down fan knows it, would this technically be number 10? If so, YES! - Meko750

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12 Old School Hollywood UListen to Sample
13 Thetawaves UListen to Sample
14 Soil UListen to Sample
15 Dreaming

And again this song is underrated...
I don't get it -. -

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16 Chic N Stew (Pizza Pie)
17 Know

This is one of the most epic songs ever made (the ending almost makes you collapse in epicness) and yet no one talks about it. - arbeZameniC

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18 Soldier Side

Amazing song lots of emotion "they were crying when their sons' left all young men must go he's come so far to find the truth he's never going home"such a sad verse or refrain or whatever it is(i don't pay much attention in music class I always have a song by System of a Down stuck in my head (no exaggeration)

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19 Kill Rock 'n Roll UListen to Sample
20 Marmalade
21 NĂ¼guns UListen to Sample
22 Tentative UListen to Sample
23 Revenga

A good song that always seems to go overlooked even by the biggest fans.


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24 Violent Pornography UListen to Sample
25 Science UListen to Sample
26 Stealing Society UListen to Sample
27 Needles

This song was honestly my favorite when I listened to Toxicity in full.

They never seem to play this one. One of their best songs.

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28 X

It's such a nice and powerful song + they used it to start slayer's live

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29 Roulette UListen to Sample
30 Holy Mountains UListen to Sample
31 Jet Pilot UListen to Sample
32 Sugar

Is sugar a well known song

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33 Chic 'n' Stu

This gets me so hungry

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34 Suggestions UListen to Sample
35 Peephole

Honestly their most underrated song that deserves more recognition.

Its got a tuba!

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36 U-Fig UListen to Sample
37 Spiders

One of my favourite system tunes easily kinda surprised no ones put this on here :S

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38 Psycho UListen to Sample
39 Innervision UListen to Sample
40 Pizza Pie
41 Mind

Ooh yeah. Love dragging main to this one. I think it scares some people laugh out loud.

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42 Bubbles UListen to Sample
43 Lonely Day UListen to Sample
44 Question! UListen to Sample
45 Forever (Outer space)

My favorite of System's b-side.

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