Top 10 Lesser Known Songs That Deserve to Be Famous

Songs that deserve a wider audience than it currently has or underrated/forgotten songs that NEED to get back on mainstream.

The Top Ten Lesser Known Songs That Deserve to Be Famous

1 Kung Fu - See Spot Groove
2 Panama Red - The Yellow Balloon
3 21st Century Man - Electric Light Orchestra
4 Fallen - Electus
5 This Night - Filo & Peri
6 Heat of the Moment - Asia
7 Whispering Wind - Moby
8 Yellow Balloon - The Yellow Balloon
9 In the Air - Morgan Page
10 Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine

The Contenders

11 I Had This Thing - Röyksopp
12 Is It Alright - Electric Light Orchestra
13 A World of Peace - Jacoo
14 Just Got Lucky - Jo Boxers
15 The Longest Road - Morgan Page
16 Tip Pon It - Sean Paul

Keep on going Tip and her fans! You can make it!

Keep going Tip! You can make it!

Come on Tip!
- TheDuttyGyal


17 Laws of Motion - Man Without Country
18 I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
19 Station - Låpsley
20 Transmission - Zedd

On my Halloween pkaylist

21 Naked Truth - Sean Paul

Just found the clean version. It’s so cool!
- TheDuttyGyal

22 Who You Know - Passafire
23 By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North
24 Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It? - Buffalo Springfield
25 Here Without You - The Byrds
26 Hands to Hold - Bob Moses
27 Her Majesty - The Beatles
28 Backfire - Egypt Central
29 Immortal - Thomas Bergersen

This song may be instrumental and not on the radio or a CD at all, but it is one to give a listen to. It has a great beat and vey nice melodies. Definitely one to see for yourself.

30 Love Life - He is We
31 New York City - The Chainsmokers
32 Singing In the Rain - Simple Plan

This is such a feel good song! Awesome!

33 Modern Moran Song - Mariotehplumber
34 Stronger Than I Was - Eminem
35 Sugarman - Rodriguez
36 Bad Love - Sean Paul

Guilty pleasure for me

37 Mad Love - Sean Paul

See above

It got a little bit of fame, but not much. Maybe it was the single cover’s fault?

38 Been a While - Sam Feldt

The first time I heard it publicly was at a bowling place today. I listened to it before then. I was actually happy they played it. A few months ago, I played it via headphones at the same bowling place. I forgot about this song until today. It’s BEEN A WHILE since I’ve heard it!

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