Top 10 Lessons Learned From Movies

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1 If Your House is Haunted Leave

Why do so many people continue to live a house that they know is haunted, When your own House tells You to Get Out you leave no questions asked. - egnomac

2 Crime Doesn't Pay

Almost every gangster movie ends badly look at just look at Goodfellas & Scarface. - egnomac

3 Technology May Eventually Destroy Us
4 Never Get High On Your Own Supply

One of the Mistakes Tony Monatana Makes in Scraface. - egnomac

5 Never Make Deals With Strangers
6 The Importance of Working Together During a Zombie Attack
7 Never Judge Others By the Way They Look
8 You Can't Cheat Death

Final Destination made it perfectly clear You can't Cheat Death no matter how hard you try Death will find you. - egnomac

9 Appreciate Your Blessings

The Jigsaw Killer doesn't target people at random but targets people that he deems unworthy of the life they have been given those who don't appreciate life or their blessings. - egnomac

10 Beware of Obsessed Fans

Everyone should watch Misery.

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11 There Is Some Good In This World
12 Live Life to It's Fullest
13 We Make Mistakes So that We Can Learn from Them
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