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Came here solely to make sure that Chuggaa was number one, and I'm not surprised that he is. He's the perfect blend of "Let's Player" and informative walkthroughs. He's hilarious, his editing skills are amazing, he's family friendly, and just an overall pleasant person to listen to. I think the one thing of his that stands out from every other Let's Player though is his passion, and how much work he puts into every single thing that he does. He spends months, sometimes more than 12 even, dedicating time to researching games before he plays them. He's always so into the game he's playing and it's definitely amazing to watch. Truly one of the most unique people out there. I could never say enough good about him.

My friend came up to me and said " You have to watch this guy named Chuggaaconroy, he's so funny and makes good lets play videos! " At first I was skeptical but after watching his Pokemon FireRed lets play I was Amazed on how good he was! Now I watch his videos every day of my life. His best are his Paper Mario and FireRed lets play.

Chuggaconroy is my Favorite let's player of all time for many reasons. He's informative, he's hilarious, and he has an all round likable personality. He may not be THE most informative, nor THE most hilarious, but he is some of the best in both parts, which is why I love his work.
P. S Plus he let's play my favorite games, which is good (Those I haven't played before quickly become some of my favorites).

Chugga is the best YouTuber ever. His lets plays nudged me to buy some games I love to this day (like Pikmin 2 and Kid Icarus Uprising), and also got me back into some games I hadn't played much (like Kirby's Epic Yarn and Sonic Colors). Also, he makes puns. I love making puns, and I laugh when he makes them. Also, he has an epic no. Who in this wide open Yoshi Wooly World could hate an epic no?! And he is family friendly (in his later videos at least). Also, he is the person who inspired me to make my own YouTube channel (which has no videos at the moment). So basically, I owe him my life pretty much.

Seriously, this guy helped me through some real hard stuff. I had just moved to a new school, didn't have many friends, and got pretty depressed. But even when life was real rough, I still had Chugga's videos and positivity to go to every day. I can't thank this guy enough for always making my day better. You won't find someone as dedicated, kind, friendly, intelligent, and overall good anywhere else.

My first ever let's player got hooked after Earth Bound!, also doesn't hurt that he knows what's he doing and shares a lot of information, not to mention his very nice personalty. An overall pleasant guy to listen to

He is funny. His Let's plays are all in full and he provides information on how to get this and that in the games. Its really easy to follow and I always laugh at all his videos thanks to his jokes and puns.

He is the first lets player I ever watched. he makes funny jokes from steve the red leaf pikmin trooper (pikmin ( to galactic Bowsers arms (super paper Mario) and the fact that he likes bad puns makes it even better. I've watched every let's play he's ever done and I don't regret it one bit. he was also the first person I subscribed to on YouTube.

Pewdiepie just eventually got so damn repetitive and boring. I was an early subscriber, but now he just is too boring. It's the same thing over and over with him.

He's an all-around great Let's Player - both in humor and in information. I also appreciate that he doesn't swear very often.

Chuggaaconroy was one of the first people I've seen on YouTube period, and he just got stuck to me for so long that I can't not vote for him.

Emile is so helpful and introduced me to my favourite game Xenoblade Chronicles

Chuggaa was the very first channel I ever subscribed to and I still love his videos. The first one I saw was his Pikmin 2 let's play and it actually convinced me to buy the Pikmin games and I love them all. He's not the most popular guy on YouTube, but in my opinion, he's definitely one of the best.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is on my Top Ten Let's Play List, as it was the only Let's Play from his vast library that was quite unique and different from his others, and has an amazing and very tear-jerky conclusion. You grow with Chugga's villagers and his town, Palette. And even watching it for the first time (like me) when it's already been over years ago, you still feel like you're on a Animal Crossing Adventure! :') :'D

Incredibly likeable personality. My personal favorite LP of his is his Animal Crossing one because of how easily it got me invested. His videos are mostly swear-free, for those who care about not hearing profanity every other second.

He is just really really awesome. All of his videos are hilarious. Also watch fire red ep 29 to see this.

He is the best lets player of all time I can't wait for his next lets plays for years and years to come.

He has a lot of subs videos and funny lines "Bowser's Arms! " so funny and he uploads every day (nearly)

First saw him on a lets play for Super Mario Sunshine and I was hooked.

He is funny and serious which is quite rare with let's players

He is funny and makes great friends with everyone! Even fans

Sure is funny and hilarious, he is.

My first let's play I say of Chugga was Super Paper Mario and after that first episode I couldn't stop watching him. He just has this weird pleasantness to him. He's really awkward and messes up a lot because of the "Let's Play Curse" and it's just really enjoyable to watch. I love all of his reactions to the simplest things like the Bowser's Arm thing and he makes so many bad puns. For me it was a hard choice between the Runaway Guys, Chugga, and Masae, but I chose Chugga because he is amazing and I would like to him one day. He just brings so much joy to my life and I would like to thank him in person

My #1 used to be cobanermani456, but this guy actually inspired me to just be myself. He's kind of weird, but that's why I like his videos: he's like me, but an adult and a lot cooler. He's funny, punny, smart, and and all around great guy. Also, the epic No! is awesome. I use it all the time at school. Some people like it, some hate it. But if people ask how I made it up, I tell them I didn't. It was really the best YouTuber of all time, Chuggaaconroy!

Emile, you are to best YouTuber ever. I mean it! - ShyGuySwag

Gotta love super paper mario series