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181 paulsoaresjr

Paul used to only play Minecraft but now he's moved on to lots of fun indie games. He is so calm, he is family-friendly, and knows how to turn playing a game into an adventure! He created the first ever Minecraft LP and though he plays many other games now he was instrumental in making Minecraft the YouTube phenomenon it is today.

Funny, creative, and reaches all ages. One of my all time favorites.

182 LordMinion777

The person who I think people should watch.

183 Muyskerm

The guy who isn't afraid to say that he can or can't because he must be noticed.

184 MagnifacentMarioMobs
185 Jse
186 Cyberman65
187 Vman95100
188 AbdallahSmash026

This guy is an amazing lets player, and there is something for everyone on his channel, ranging from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to Tomodachi Life. He appreciates his subscribers with give aways, and is highly recommended.

189 Spacehamster

I first was introduced to him after I watched peenutbuttergamer and I must say he is one of the funniest lets players on this list be sure to check him out.

190 Cinemasins Jeremy

One of the developers of Cinemasins and the narrator. Firstly, his voice over the top of a game is just mellowing and lovely. Secondly, he gets drunk and plays games so it is hilarious. Thirdly, he is just generally funny whilst playing games, watch everything wrong with until dawn to clarify this.

191 Rabbidluigi

Favorite lp'er by far. He seems to have a lot of fun making his videos.

192 Roshank Redemption
193 Snaggle Teef

Started as a lets player, but now does Top 8's, "Thoughts" videos, and some lets play games due to sub requests, I feel he should be on this list not only because he's pretty good at Let's plays, and his A.D.D. helps with some of the humor. His story is admirable, A father of 2 trying to get some support from people that enjoy down to earth YouTube content with no shady practices. He doesn't beg for likes or subs, he doesn't get butthurt when someone dislikes his videos, he builds from it, Ultimately what a lot of channels aren't doing anymore because they're out for that big YouTube money! He works a full time job and still pumps out a lot of videos. Though he started as a YouTube let's player, he's branched to let's plays based off his own sub requests, which I find cool! And he gives them exactly what they want! This is one of those channels that makes you scratch your head and wonder... Why doesn't this person have more subs... or views! - SnaggleFan

194 KeybladeBlox
195 TieTuesday
196 Rabbit Plays Games (RPG)

She's not the biggest YouTuber, but I really like Rabbit! She plays a lot of underrated games on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn and she actually provides great analysis and reviews. She's funny and vulgar at the same time. I feel like she'll be the next LucahJin if you enjoy completion Let's plays.

197 Hadrian

This cat prides himself on capturing the immersive and story-like elements of the titles he plays. What sticks out about him is that he usually doesn't play to win (though he mostly does); he plays to enjoy the game, and he plays to teach. He cares about his community and pretty much welcomes everybody. I rarely see a comment he hasn't responded to. Gamers looking for a mature, more thoughtful, no-nonsense style of LP will NEVER be disappointed.

Main games: Think he started with Total War, but has a big Long Dark, Planetbase, Civilization, and Master of Orion following right now.

198 TheHylianShinobi

An amazing lets player that plays legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, and so many other titles I can't even think of right now.

Watching him do lets play's are amazing.

199 UkieKooki
200 ChickenFajita12!
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