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21 MunchingOrange

TheTopTens sucks mo should be1st

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22 TealGameMaster (TGM)

Teal is my favourite, I love when he reads dialogue because he really knows how to make characters seem real and it makes me laugh every time.

Amazing guy very fun cares about fans how much more awesome can you get, oh yeah he uploads 10-12 videos a day cool right he needs to be in the top 25 LPers if not that top 20!

This guy, man, this guy!
- Has about 500 LPs on his channel
- Amazing commentary
- "My little Skylanders, my little Skylanders! " Never gets old

23 Marriland

Marriland is one of the most family friendly players and has a great grasp on the game. He's known for his wedlockes and walk through guides.

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24 MadameWario

Really great videos. Puts a lot of work into her videos, and they are very entertaining.

Cares about her viewers and is really entertaining to listen to.

She really is the best out there I love her she is truly amazing - Cartermd

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25 NakaTeleeli

Funny and informative, every time I see one of his videos in my sub box it puts a smile on my face. He not only respects the games he plays, but the viewers that watch him. He even has a great partner to boot! This student of life is a gem of the "Let's Play"-ing community.

Nakateleeli just makes the most entertaining videos I have ever seen. His 1 update per day, flip - flopping between lps is a good system, and he chooses great and often obscure games. He deserves all the attention he gets and more.

Naka is the best lets player I have ever seen.
He is funny and very skinned at gaming, he even lets his subs pick a Lets play. He will all ways be Number 1 in my books

Glad to see Naka get the attention he deserves!

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26 Necroscope86

I would highly recommend this Let's Player. He is so funny and goes out of his way to explore games as fully as possible. The board range of available playlists means that his channel has something for pretty much anyone.

Shame he's stopping his recordings excellent lets player

The dude is a Brittish LP'er and has done thousands and thousands of videos and so many games. He has tripled his subscribers in the past couple years (81,000) I believe and he is pretty funny. Lots of dry humor but the way he tries not to curse but uses other words is funny and how he makes fun of himself when he misses something or can't solve a puzzle is commical! Please check his channel out! He really is an underrated LPer

27 GameGrumps

When I go to the Grumps channel, I often find games that I've never heard of, and games that I wouldn't think of playing. It brings a splash of life to a site dominated by fnaf (even though they played it). The humor of the grumps is very different from many channels, and I often anticipate the next episode because I want to hear the epic (or not so epic) conclusion to one of the grumps' stories. The main show on the channel features Danny and Arin, who both have different types of comedy, but compliment each other's styles. It used to feature Jontron, who was also amazing, and those episodes are still up, having attracted much of the fanbase. One thing I love about the grumps is the Nintendo games. I'm a bit partial to Nintendo, and I always love to see a channel playing their games. Overall, the grumps are just a bunch of friends having a good time, and I have a good time watching them.

The Game Grumps are amazingly funny. The thing that they have that few other channels on YouTube have is that they're just like friends hanging out and making each other laugh. I can't count how many times I've watched a video crying with laughter. They are the nicest, loveliest people who care so deeply about their fans. They consistantly upload 3 videos a day, so if I'm ever having a bad day, there's always something new to make me laugh. They can go from making me laugh so hard my sides ache, to talking about their lives so openly and sharing so much about themselves that they just make me love them so much more. They are such inspirational, humble, hilarious dorks who make every day better.

I can easily say that the Game Grumps are what got me addicted to online Let's Plays in the first place. I came in after Jon had already been replaced by Danny, but I still loved all of their videos. Even Ross and Barry have their own charms that make them funny and likable. But as for the best Grump, the award goes to Arin hands-down.


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28 SuperJeenius

The actually most normal person I see. All else I can say? He's funny. He's really just kind of normal and reasonable. Most of his videos are a bit longer and kind of relaxing.

A very intellectual Let's Player and his LP's are more on the relaxing and interesting side, as he does blinds, which I favor in most Let's Players. His Ace Attorney Let's Play seemed to be the perfect game to best reflect his witty and intellectual style and that's why that LP caught my interest and became his best in my opinion! :") :D

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29 GnomeSharkLP
30 Thekwings
31 TheJWittz
32 Kikoskia
33 HCBailly

Funny, smart, (while still somehow being energetic), and excellent at presenting games. Shows them the best way through the first time, never slips up.

Most informative let's player I've seen; he really takes the prep time to make good videos. Will often show the "fun" way to get through otherwise tedious parts of games.
He does a lot of classic rpgs, but shows how to do them without tons of grinding.

Knows everything about the game his playing, very informative. Also likes to add some humor into his lets plays as well!

Plays pretty much exclusively jrpgs. 100%s every rpg he plays. Edits out all repeat battles and grinding. His lps are well prepared and he never gets boring. He's played all the final fantasies and is on his way to playing every dragon quest game. He also plays a lot of unique rpg gems.

He is my personal favourite let's player. Definitely the best watch if you like rpgs.

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34 Cobanermani456

I think Cobanermani456 is the best LPer in the world because he LPs some of the best games ever and he is funny, has a great personality, has an awesome camera, and he has an awesome room!

I think he is my favourite YouTuber because he plays sonic games makes Q&A LIVESTREAMS and many other stuff, plus he is so funny

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35 ShadowMarioXLI
36 Gronkh Gronkh

In my opinion Gronkh is the best of all Lets players because his LPs are made with love and soul and he is a great entertainer. So check his Channel out if you speak German.

Cool and funny German Let's Player with over 2,400,000 subscribers now and 1215 Minecraft videos

Absolultly genius and funny German Let's Player. Has over 1,700 000 subscribers and over 1000 Minecraft videos.

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37 batman9502
38 Shendijiro

Shendijiro has to be one of the craziest let's players out there. Her random singing and "fail" moments never cease to make me laugh! Definitely a lot of potential to be seen from her! Totally recommend her!

Plenty of potential and talent behind this one. She delivers plenty of good material and is a hard worker. She's adorable and her videos are fun to watch. Give her channel a check, I recommend it.

I've seen all her videos! They're very entertaining and well made, something you don't see very often :D She makes Minecraft and Zelda lets plays.

I recommend her. Her videos are always fun to watch!

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39 Kootra
40 The Lost Boys
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