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41 TheRPGMinx

A wonderful and hilarious LPer. From screaming at monsters to murdering video game friends, there is an unique and charming comedy in all of her videos

The best female lets player out there. Constantly laughing, and what a laugh she has. Her play throughs are some of the best on YouTube, especially her Corpse Party play through. All Hail To The MangaMinx!

Minx at 54? BLASPHEMY! She is essentially a female cry, with her laidback personality and poking fun at little stuff. Her screams are also much more geniune then the other are. She is hilarious when playing Gmod with other YouTubers. And to top it off, she has the greatest laugh in existance. ALL HAIL QUEEN MINX

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42 LiamSixx
43 The Super Gaming Bros

Johnny, Elliot, and Matt are all just amazing. They play lots of old school and some modern games. They've also had a lot of funny moments, from when Elliot died in the same pit three times in World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros, to Matt drowning in Angel Island Zone in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, to Elliot's entire let's play of Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Plus they have an extensive knowledge of video games in general.

These guys are hidden gems the best ever lets players

44 BikdipOnABus

One of the most underrated youtubers. Bikdip is much different from most let's players, sporting a dry humour and a stoic voice. He is much better than I described, though.

45 SkitScape
46 Theradbrad

He's good at games, doesn't swear too much, entertaining, should be top of the list

The first LP by that I saw by him was... Silent Hill Downpour! I was surprised when I saw that he was a white guy. He has his curse words and phrases, but isn't vulgar. He has a great way of talking while playing, and rarely get's hung up.

He's amazing! Always makes me laugh! He should of been first in my opinion

he's lit!

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47 WiiRikeToPray

These you tubers are the best! I wish I could at least get gaming with them one day! Wiiriketopray has the funniest Mario Party 10 videos! Way better than anyone that has posted a YouTube video! Get gaming boys because I am thirsty for more of your videos. I hop your next videos are about Splatoon! Just remember, I'm your biggest fan! Don't listen to this list because you are number one on my watch! This comment was posted by Brandon! I live in Mount Vernon NY and I hope I can meet you some day! I even want to get gaming with you because I really wanted Mario party 4 and I am willing to see, ore of your best videos!

Great and cool lets players. Spencer, Chris, Tyler and Tyson... They will keep you intrigued!

My only gripe with them is that they often leave letsplays unfinished.

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48 Captainsparklez

Out of all the really popular Let's Players (I mean out of the top 100 most subscribed on youtube), Sparklez is probably the best. He's really funny, and seems genuine rather than just cashing in on the gaming channel trends. My favorite videos from him are his Surgeon Simuator videos, which are comedy gold.

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49 Fawdz
50 PokeCinema
51 RPGenie
52 Pcull44444

He's just straight up funny

The man is crazy, and we love him for it.

53 NerdCubed

Good humor? Check!
Crazy editing style you won't find at any other LP? Check
Help me found some losts gems in the gaming world? Just check him out already.

This guy is hilarious and makes gameplays of a wide range of games on all platforms, I especially like his Grand Theft Auto online videos that he does with Yogscast Martyn. I am actually suprised he isn't in the top 10.

I think the only reason he's nowhere near the top 10 is because not many people have actually heard of him - SwiftLover13

I've entered the demain of the NerdCubed, and I'm not looking back!

He is a comedic genius.

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54 Yamimash

I like Yamimash cause he's a funny guy and he is a good man and I feel he's not very different from Markiplier.

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55 Northernlion

One of the few youtubers with a brain. He doesn't overreact and doesn't treat people like 8 year olds. Great monologues and interaction with his friends and wife.

Best voice ever, he is like a bald, Canadian, Morgan Freeman that plays indie games. Must watch!

Such a great voice and that baldness can only be achieved by this devilishly handsome man!

His bald shine makes my day

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56 Omfgcata (Jesse Cox)

He does many lets plays and they are quality entertainment he may not be good at the game but he is very humorous and he has a lot of it and will finish the game as well as doing fan fridays every week

The guy can make a 30 minute video of collecting herbs in dragon age funny and engaging, if that isn't greatness I don't know what is,

If you want full play-troughs with a focus on lore and story speculation (and loot whoring) he's your guy

All hail the almighty space butterfly. May its wings flap for all eternity.

57 Jacksepticeye

Jack is one of the funniest people on YouTube. His mouth runs as fast as his brain, so he ends up sounding loud and outgoing. Some people might find some of his humor somewhat offensive, though, as he doesn't censor his thoughts. In his own words, "There's a fine line between funny and offensive... And I ride that line every day of my life."
Honestly, if you haven't seen him yet, go check out his Reading Your Comments videos for an idea of his humor before you dive in to his let's plays.

Jack is boss. I love his videos and his sense of humor. Truly my favorite Let's Player on YouTube.

He'll always be my favourite let's player. He deserves to be higher on this list, he's an inspiration to us all. - asterflower

How is he at 61 again?

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58 EtikaWorldNetwork
59 Storpey
60 BlueXephos
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