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61 Jethrotex

He just says the most random things that make his videos so good.

He has to be one of the funniest let's players out there. His commentary is so random sonmetimes and that's why most of his fans like about him.

62 yoshi8869
63 Froxezaen

Great Let's Player! Full of enthusiasm and determination. Very laid back about situations unless its a horror game, then its all a different story. I love him! You should definitely check out his channel

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64 Cryaotic

Really down to earth, he might be slow for certain types of games but he genuinely care about his fans and the material he put out. His streams are also great the Saturday ones are planned but sometimes he will tweet at a random time and you can unexpectedly experience the game with him live. Been following him and watching his channel for about 4years and he is great

Best part about him is he knows when the game is made to be listened to and not talked over and always has quick one liners and cares about his fans. He also gets an emotional connection with the main character of the game he's playing and you as the viewer see it and feel it and learn to care as much as he does. Mainly, its about the game. Also that voice and laugh!

The Morgan Freeman of Let's Players. He knows when to be serious and light-hearted, truly cares about his fans, has amazing editing skills, and an awesomely mysterious persona overall.

Markiplier, jacksepticeye, and Cryaotic... these three people are amazing.. through starvation, homelessness, depression, isolation, their videos have become a part of my life for the past 6 years... But, as much as mark makes me laugh, or how connected jack is with his fans and is great for bg noise when alone... I have to vote for Cry... his voice is perfect for letting his videos play when I need something to sleep to that'll stop the nightmares.

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65 NicoB

Such an underrated dude. His comments are really funny, have a pretty cool voice and gives unique personality to every character he deals with

66 Raedwulfgamer

I just love him! He loves to play horror games (he also play other games too) and is really funny!

Amazing Let's Player! Mostly horror, but he's funny and he loves his "Minions! " <3 Dedicated to making an amazing channel and many high quality videos for his subscribers.

67 Wiihawk
68 SuperSkarmory
69 KsiolajideBT
70 TobyGames
71 Lifesimmer
72 Game_Informer

Super Replay always brings a great laugh, especially with horrible survival horrors like Overblood, Blue Stinger and Illbleed.

73 Cr1tikal

One of the most funniest, genuine and awesome lets players on YouTube. He definitely enjoys what he does and doesn't look at it as a way to profit. 11/10 Cr1tikal.

He's one of the few LPers who genuinely loves to do what he does, and he even donates his YouTube cash to charity, now that's something.

I LOVE this guy! He has a very dry/dirty humour, I love it! For once I actually laugh while watching playthroughs :P I might just laugh myself a 6-pack at this rate @__@

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74 Diabeetus

Puns and jokes galore with this one. His casual, feel good videos are just fun to watch. This is his own channel away from the dynamic duo he is a part of in Retsupurae. He recently had an LP done with Mario Galaxy 2, and LP'd other games like Metroid Fusion and BattleToads.

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75 KatAndLizGaming

Awesome pair of girls, best friends and they have fun with everything that they do, makes it enjoyable to watch them

They're really funny, and really interesting to watch. I hope I will expect more from these girls.

Great gamer girls, very interesting.

I love your survival games lets plays! Do more!

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76 ClementJ642

Clement has a true love and passion for making the videos that not everyone does! he has done a lot of great work in helping the online sonic the hedgehog community stay as positive as possible and has also shown that a lot of the games in the series are much better than are given credit, like heroes, unleashed, and black knight which is a huge feat in itself. he has also done almost every mega man game and has done a lot of non sonic/mega man games and has more planned. He should definitely be higher up!

Clement deserves to be higher o this list! He is currently doing lets lays/ lets look at's videos on every Sonic game, and he is very funny, making jokes and running gags across multiple LP's (particularly calling Knuckles an idiot) and he always gives great coverage and playthroughs of every game he does.

The go to let's player for all things Mega Man and Eggman related. There's something just comforting about his commentary style.

77 DashieGames DashieGames

This guy is just hilarious you must see for yourself

Why is Dashie so low on the list? He's hilarious and if you watch him yourself, you will see how good he really is.

I've only been watching him for a few months but he is definitely my favorite youtuber

Guy is super funny... like forreal check him out... I used to watch many other YouTubers... but this guy is just bomb... forreal

78 Joel (Vinesauce)

Swedish viking is king. Amazingly funny

79 gameguy888
80 Direwolf20

He knows what he is talking about and is really far from being a noob.

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