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101 Slyfoxhound
102 SullyPwnz

I think the only reason he isn't any higher at the moment is because he was just added to the list.

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103 DarksydePhil
104 Zephyrsonic

Wish he was in the top 10

105 SpoilerWarningShow

They aren't the most informative LPers but that's what I love about them. When I watch an LP it is almost always of a game I'm replaying. I'm mainly watching the LP for entertainment and maybe learn some obscure fact which they have plenty. I love Chuggaconroy but even if I hadn't played a game before I know the basic controls and don't need that explained. In my opinion they are the funniest and most entertaining LPers. I just wish they'd touch upon some older games.

106 Koopakungfu

Pretty good lets player and does a lot of Mario games I would for sure recommend him!

147? THIS IS THE GREATEST YOUTUBER EVER! He is so funny and hilarious. He is not to good at games, but beats them otherwise. My recommendation for one of his let's plays is super Paper mario. My favorite let's play he has done.

107 Guude BoulderFist

Leader of Mindcrack, one of the funniest guys on YouTube, Guude also has THE MOST contagious laugh in the world, trust me

108 Yogscast

A group of about 20 hilarious Lets players who really deserve some credit.

109 slowbeef

Slowbeef is easily one of the funniest people on the internet.

This list might not exist without him. His Retsuprae channel that he does with Diabeetus really stands out. Plus slowbeef himself is an entertaining fellow.

Sharp on wit and humor, he has been in the LP scene for years and possibly the one to start the trend of LPs to be more mainstream from the site SomethingAweful back in 2007. On his personal channel away from Retsupuae, one LP from this guy to check out is Snatcher on the Sega CD.

110 Retsupurae

Spawning from SomethingAweful back in 2007, Slowbeef and Diabeetus been riffing on games and even other Lets Plays to this day. While not the most mainstream channel, they've developed quite the cult following playing and watching obscure games as well as other LP channels.

Slowbeef and Diabeetus rip and tear through bad games, LPers, flash cartoons, and a whole bunch of others.

111 TakariFreak
112 Mah-Dry-Bread

He is a hidden gem, with every lets play he does being of high quality, and his stuff is actually interesting, and not just faffing about

113 Fizzle Exmortus

Definitely has the potential to be one of the greats. Very original, compared to most lets players. I would recommend him to people who like lets play videos, but are seeking something different than the mainstream. Does a variety of other types of videos as well, but the lets plays are his best work.

Just starting out, but does great guides, glitches, let's plays, and video blogs. Excellent editing. Loaded with potential, when he starts commentary this summer, he will take off.

Fizzle has been doing commentary for some time now and he is hilarious! Not quite as good as Jack, Mark, or FĂ©lix, but he is good enough to be up among those such as captain sparkle, Dan TDM, iHascupquake, etc. Keep your eye on this one!

114 Macximus Primus

New guy on the block with just about 1.8k subscribers.. Really funny and chill. Does a lot of collaborations with TheApexHound. He does a wide assortment of games and well worth checking out! :D

115 Glaciercano
116 VenturianTale

Their role plays never fail to make me laugh, and the skyrim tale was AMAZING. I've been with them since A Minecraft Tale, and all in all, I love the Acachalla family, and The Mighty Spencer, even if he just loves in their basement.

117 Chip Cheezum

Chip produces some of the best edited Let's Plays that I ever done seen.

Excellent completionist LPer. He makes LP's with incredible production quality and makes every effort to show every little detail of the games he plays. Worthwhile LPs: 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand, the Metal Gear Solid series, Uncharted Series, and No More Heroes.

118 BlackShadow993

Let's Player that's based in the UK. Very informative, his LP's mainly consist of retro games and one or two semi-recent games.

119 Vinny (Vinesauce)
120 RockPaperMario V 1 Comment
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