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121 Cinemassacre
122 AlphaOmegaSin
123 TheAnimeMan
124 ShadyPenguinn

Shady openly admits he's not the best player but he's very dedicated to his audience and he's fun to watch. He has a ton of nuzlocks on his channel that are worth watching!

125 DGR
126 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

PewDiePie is awesome! My friend first introduced me to him with his let's play of the game Journey, which I have let's played, and he did it much better than I did! PewDiePie for the Gold!

His reactions to horror games are the best and I absolutely love it when he teams up with Cry (chaoticmonki) I am a proud member of the bro army bee size of his hilarious and chill commentary. Go bros!

Pewdie is the best LPer on the World because even if I'm about to cry and watch his videos he makes crying - but crying out of Laughter ;D
I watch Pewdie since his early months on Youtube and I'm proud of me to be a bro for such a long Time :D
I also was a early Subscriber of CutiePieMarzia (His Girlfriend Marzia)and I am not a Subscriber because of him: I am a true Marzipan and I also Watch her videos :D
He is just the BEST Let's Player I ever saw on YT :3
I love you Pewdie (NoHomo ;D)


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127 zeus23257
128 ABetz2012
129 ChaoticMonki (Cry)

I love cry to pieces although I don't know him. He's just great I would have defiantly put him in the top 2.

Cry is AMAZING I very much recommend his videos! His Voice can bring a spark of calmness even in the scariest situations.

Cry is just incredibly awesome, he's so hilarious and such a down to earth guy with an angelic voice. Also, his laugh can cure cancer :3
By the way he hit the 1 million subs today. Congrats Cry!

His videos have quality, touch of fun and seriousness which makes his "let's play"-s very enjoyable to watch and you can enjoy the story of the game without being interrupted by weird jokes.

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130 Nukedpixels
131 Soundyman
132 Saulman
133 Skydoesminecraft
134 DeadloxMC
135 RedFalconGames V 1 Comment
136 BossManGame

His channel is so great. He is always uploading videos of my favorite games. He is so readily available to talk about videos or to take constructive criticism. His channel may be small now but will definitely grow fast quickly. He is my favorite Let's Player

His channel is unbelievable. Really interactive with his fans and really enjoys what he does. Not a huge fan base but for a new channel growing very quickly.

Hilarious Let's Player Of horror games. Entertains his viewers with a perfect mix of humor and personality. Cares about his viewers tremendously.

He does many horror games. He is absolutely hilarious, entertaining the audience with his humor, voice, and great personality.

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137 JohnJohnsonLetsPlays
138 TheGamingLemon

Man,this dude is very funny and plays Grand Theft Auto 5,Minecraft,Far Cry 4... If you don't know him,you certainly missed a great piece o YouTube.

139 Lucky7DX

He does a lot of DS games, and, other than chugga, is my fave, even if he's not well known.

140 CapriciousAfro
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