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141 yoshiller

He's pretty awesome I think he should be in the top ten

142 Stamsite

Is a really good swedish let's player on Swedens most popular
Private server for Minecraft

143 TheAtlanticCraft
144 giro 15000
145 Bloody Disgusting

One of my favorite LPers. Adam is the host of BD and normally lays horror games. His best videos are the ones where he is joined by TheGeckoNinja.

146 Gamesocietypimps

They're hilarious! They play loads of different games, and if it's a game that's been played a lot (like skyrim), they come up with their own story and lore. Their Skyrim and Fallout series are the best

147 SuperNormalful

Although he only has 121 subscribers, his videos are very entertaining and funny to watch and he easily deserves more fame than he's getting

148 Washed Olive

He's pretty funny, although he's young he makes pretty good videos. I enjoy watching them

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149 Gnrfan V 1 Comment
150 TWD98
151 Jezdamayel

She started in 2013, plays many games and updates frequently. Beautiful voice and very pleasant to watch.

152 Wandering Voice Actor
153 Pitchingace88
154 BlazeStudiosXY (BlazePlayz)
155 PlasmaRift

Has a series called Indie Quests where he plays and talks about indie games, some I heard of, others I've never seen before, but their all cool games.

156 Guude BoulderFist

Leader of Mindcrack, one of the funniest guys on YouTube, Guude also has THE MOST contagious laugh in the world, trust me

157 Gopher

Relaxed and calm lets plays. Mostly singleplayer roleplaying games. Really fun for long-time watching/chilling

158 Aquablade11
159 GameRiot
160 DadCubed
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