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161 FarFromSubtle
162 AllShamNoWow
163 GamesFerDayz
164 Stampylongnose

Stampylongnose is the BOMB! He should be at number ONE! - KSdabest

V 1 Comment
165 angryponcho

He's such a laid back let's player, but he's funny. He plays games from his childhood and games he wants to play.

¨What's up, my pilots? Angryponcho here. ¨

166 DuncanKneeDeep V 1 Comment
167 TheDiamondMinecart
168 AzureBlade49
169 Edcan V 1 Comment
170 Sensai Jay
171 Pharoah2091

Pharoah has such a great commentary on all of his LP's, and he is great with visual novels - MawileCeyvis

172 ScottishDuck17

One of the originals! He's been doing it since 2008 and his videos are all brilliant. It's not about flashy production and cheap editing gimmicks like a lot of people out nowadays. Its just the man, the game, the audience. Amazing!

173 dshban

The master of sarcasm

174 paulsoaresjr

Paul used to only play Minecraft but now he's moved on to lots of fun indie games. He is so calm, he is family-friendly, and knows how to turn playing a game into an adventure! He created the first ever Minecraft LP and though he plays many other games now he was instrumental in making Minecraft the YouTube phenomenon it is today.

Funny, creative, and reaches all ages. One of my all time favorites.

175 LordMinion777

The person who I think people should watch.

176 Muyskerm

The guy who isn't afraid to say that he can or can't because he must be noticed.

177 MagnifacentMarioMobs
178 Jse
179 Cyberman65
180 Vman95100
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