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161 BlazeStudiosXY (BlazePlayz)
162 PlasmaRift

Has a series called Indie Quests where he plays and talks about indie games, some I heard of, others I've never seen before, but their all cool games.

163 Gopher

Relaxed and calm lets plays. Mostly singleplayer roleplaying games. Really fun for long-time watching/chilling

164 Aquablade11
165 GameRiot
166 DadCubed
167 FarFromSubtle
168 AllShamNoWow
169 GamesFerDayz
170 Stampylongnose

Stampylongnose is the BOMB! He should be at number ONE! - KSdabest

V 1 Comment
171 angryponcho

He's such a laid back let's player, but he's funny. He plays games from his childhood and games he wants to play.

¨What's up, my pilots? Angryponcho here. ¨

172 DuncanKneeDeep V 1 Comment
173 TheDiamondMinecart
174 ShaSo1305
175 AzureBlade49
176 Edcan V 1 Comment
177 Sensai Jay
178 Pharoah2091

Pharoah has such a great commentary on all of his LP's, and he is great with visual novels - MawileCeyvis

179 ScottishDuck17

One of the originals! He's been doing it since 2008 and his videos are all brilliant. It's not about flashy production and cheap editing gimmicks like a lot of people out nowadays. Its just the man, the game, the audience. Amazing!

180 dshban

The master of sarcasm

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