The Best Level 45 Tanks

As of now, the browser game has expanded so much its Class system is more expansive than some well known Triple A games, such as Diablo. So today, you here on TheTopTens will rank all of the level 45 tanks from the best to the worst. As more Level 45 tanks are added, I will add them to the list. Also, this is NOT my opinion, it's yours! So don't think the initial order reflects how I feel.

The Top Ten The Best Level 45 Tanks

1 Booster

Mobile, versatile

speedy rank 2 9/10

2 Mega Trapper
3 Fighter


4 Tri Trapper
5 Overtrapper
6 Octotank
7 Auto Gunner
8 Gunner Trapper
9 Overlord

jackpot underrated rank 1 10/10

OP - dominate world series

10 Auto Trapper

best in maze

The Contenders

11 Penta Shot

By far the best in the game

Great RoF

12 Auto 5
13 Hybrid

Better than annihilator due to the drones making it better defensively

14 Anihalator
15 Streamliner

reload king rank 3 9/10

16 Predator

Good, powerful bullet damage

boss hunter rank 4 8/10

17 Necromancer

super rank 10 6/10

18 Battleship
19 Factory

Few counters

20 Manager

sneaky rank 9 7/10

21 Sprayer

This can take down guardian when upgraded: 2/0/0/4/7/7/7/6

reloader rank 6 7/10

22 Landmine

booby trap it is so unexpecting rank 5 7/10

23 Triple Twin
24 Auto Smasher
25 Spike
26 Ranger
27 Stalker
28 Triplet
29 Spreadshot
30 Skimmer

I personally say it's a more advanced version of Rocketeer... I don't know why anyone would choose Rocketeer.

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