Top 10 Level Songs In Sonic Games

One thing Sonic games ALWAYS get right (Nearly always, Free Riders and Dark Brotherhood) is the music score. People complain that 06 and Secret Rings suck, but they give us some really good level music to set the tone. For this list, we'll look at the top 10 level themes in Sonic Games. Any Boss or Main Themes are not allowed. This is level songs ONLY!

The Top Ten

1 Jungle Joyride-Day (Sonic Unleashed)

Bouncy, energetic. This song is on top for many reasons. Songs in Sonic Unleashed are best for setting the environment. Ice levels have soft strums. City levels have Jazz and Funk. Jungle Joyride is set in a beach/jungle area. The instruments common here are samba drums, ocarinas and vocal shouts. This added with extra percussion. It makes you feel like you're sitting in jungle, surrounded by wildlife, until all of a sudden, the ruins around you are collapsing, and you have to make an escape before you're crushed by the falling temples or washed away by water. I love this song, and always will... - JozzoRobber

2 Planet Wisp Act 3 (Sonic Colors)

Act 1 was sad and melancholy. Act 2 is desolate and un-hopeful. Act 3?! Even if an entire home planet has been stripped bare, and is being converted into a factory, with the inhabitants fleeing, finding sanctuary, Act 3 makes you feel like there's hope for Wisp survival, and Sonic will do anything to ensure it. It is a groovy piece, with the best parts from Act 1 and 2, put together into the best piece in Sonic Colors. Plus, you have to love that violin, piano and guitar combo! - JozzoRobber

3 Metallic Madness: Bad Future (Sonic CD, American Soundtrack)

This track is by far the best in Sonic CD, both soundtracks included. This sounds dark, deep. The lack of instruments make it sound like the world is crumbling apart around you. There's nothing left for you to do but run. People make the mistake of saying the Japanese counterpart of this song is more apocalyptic, but they're so wrong. This track is almost sinister, while the other just sounds like taunts. You really screwed up now Sonic.That's why, I believe this track is the best from both soundtracks. I wish people would stop giving the US soundtrack such a hard time. It's just as good as the Japanese one. - JozzoRobber

4 White Jungle "Rhythm and Balance" ("Olive Garden") (Sonic Adventure 2)

It was a close call between this (As I call it "Olive Garden") and Radical Highway's "Vengeance is Mine". While "Vengeance is Mine" sounds cooler, it just doesn't sound as appealing and urgent. In White Jungle, Rouge has sent a distress call, and Shadow is her only hope for survival. Unwillingly, he decides to rush to her aid before the island blows up, risking his own life. This track not only sets the mood for the level, but also the situation. If he isn't fast enough, they both die. "Olive Garden" (Because that's what I hear in the background) makes you feel pushed to save Rouge's life. It's cool. ALSO CITY ESCAPE SUCKS! THE MUSIC SUCKS, THE LEVEL SUCKS, AND DOESN'T DESERVE TO HAVE COME BACK IN GENERATIONS! RADICAL HIGHWAY IS BETTER! - JozzoRobber

3ds version had a remix of radical highway for you

5 Quartz Quadrant: Present (Sonic CD, Japanese Soundtrack)

While the Japanese and US soundtracks are good for different reasons (US is more atmospheric, JP is more funky) Quartz Quadrant JP is an awesome piece. Quartz Quadrant is the fan favorite stage, and Quartz Quadrant Present JP is a cool mix of bass and piano sweetness, and I can't help but tap my feet to the beat (Rhymes! ) - JozzoRobber

6 Great Megalith (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Picture this: Thousands of civilians are trapped in jail. The jails are guarded by hordes and hordes of evil spirits who seek to stop you. You're afraid, but they need you. You must swallow your fear, and save the innocent. If you don't, who will? You feel pushed, motivated, the clock is ticking. The time is now...

That's what Great Megalith is. The need to persevere. There's not much time, and it's urgent. This track captures the urgency, and I love that... - JozzoRobber

7 Twinkle Park "Pleasure Castle" (Sonic Adventure)

Wait?! I'm allowed to go to the carnival this year?! THANKS MOM!
Before all that, we had Twinkle Park's "Pleasure Castle" and this piece ROCKS! While the level can go burn in hell, the song is amazing. It captures excitement, imagination, a can-do attitude! "We'll defeat that egghead! But first, fancy a go on the dodgems Tails? " - JozzoRobber

8 Emerald Hill Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Mega Drive)

The first zone of Sonic 2. Emerald Hill Zone's music is nice on the ears at a calming pace. The song is a great introduction to the game. It's a pretty song with nice little background moments to go with it. - JozzoRobber

9 Night Palace "Unawakening Float" ("Mustard") (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

"Mustard flown away..." Is what I hear. But in all seriousness, this song is serious. I can't figure out the meaning, seeing as what I know of the lyrics (Most of it I don't understand) I think it's about letting go (No relation to Frozen, for all you Frozen Fanatics who don't shut up) it sets the tone for the final level. It starts calm, before kicking in, which is subtly telling you "HAUL ASS! " - JozzoRobber

10 Bullet Station (Sonic Heroes)

This to me, sounds like a sound for the penultimate level. However, this is only stage 8 of 14. I like Bullet Station's music because of that awesome beat. With the guitar and the (bowowowowow) sound in the background, the song comes together. The level is set in the canyon, and if you look down (if you can manage with the broken C stick controls) you'll see that it's bottomless. Better not fall. Better not stop either, as you're as good as dead if the crumbling canyon gets you. That's what happens if you build a fortress in the canyons, it starts to lose grounds and collapse. This begs the question...How smart is Eggman? - JozzoRobber

The Contenders

11 Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog, 1991)

My brother hums this song, and then I hum the song. So catchy!

The level design of the original green hill zone in the Sega genesis is very memorable. But the soundtrack is very catchy! - Melirose

The original green hill zone design in the Sega genesis is very memorable. But the soundtrack is very catchy!

12 Wave Ocean: The Inlet (Sonic The Hedgehog: 2006)

While this track IS overrated, it still kicks ass. The drums and electric guitar make me feel like a god. "The princess is in danger, but no sweat, I'm the fastest thing alive, nothing will ever stop me! LET''S GO! " - JozzoRobber

13 Egg Utopia Act 1 (Sonic Advance 2)
14 Aquarium Park Act 1 (Sonic Colors)
15 Metallic Madness Bad Future JP Mix (Sonic CD)

Screw you, metallic madness japan is better than american
could listen to it for hours

16 City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
17 Press Garden Act 2 (Sonic Mania)
18 Solaris - Phase 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Upbeat & catchy. Won't be able to stop humming the tune!

19 Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
20 Crisis City (Sonic 06)
21 What U Need (Sonic Rush)
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