Best Levels from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

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1 Mystic Marsh

The first thing to address is the perfection of the enemies in this level, including a snail crossed with an elephant and a platypus crossed with a pufferfish. The mission are all amazing with the thief one introducing you to parts of the level you didn't know about (most likely) and the best mission in the game, the trading mission. While the mission itself is quite simple, it makes you really examine the environment for oddities such as a cooking pot and a group of ducks, giving a new perspective to the level of detail that is put in this game.

A challenging level for sure, but it also looks very creative and the level can be very fun.

2 Skelos Badlands

A classic, the box art, and some of the most fun missions in the game! Not to mention the first invincibility powerup! Any true spyro fan knows it's the classic

Easily the most unique area in the game. The enemies require interesting ways to beat them, it is one of the only levels where aiming with the zoom function is needed, and who can go past the skeleton dance? The aesthetic for the area is great and it was entertaining to run through the lava while being invincible.

3 Hurricos

My favourite setting in the game. I love the mechanical environment that has a storm raging through it. It is a good challenge for early game players to supercharge the windmills and jump across the fan blades, but it is a great teaching tool. The inhabitants of the area are funny as well.

4 Metropolis

A really Creative and fun area. The bull fight in the armory was challenging but fair and it was pure bliss to be flying through the level shooting giant fireballs everywhere once you got to the double power up gate. Being able to see the giant open area from the start of the stage builds up suspense as you get closer and closer to it, excited because it looks awesome. When you get to it, you realise that you were right, it is awesome.

5 Aquaria Towers

I am perfectly aware that this is a fan favorite area, however, I just couldn't enjoy it as much as most people could. That said, it is still an amazingly made level that actually uses the underwater environment in a clever way, I.e raising the water level to reach higher areas.

6 Fracture Hills

My first thought when going through this area was how much it reminded me of the first spyro game, the fact you have to break the statues of the inhabitants of the world, the similarity between certain enemies namely the killer bushes, the stupidly placed supercharge course etc. The stage is interesting and fun, with really good missions and aesthetic. The only reason that this doesn't rank any higher is because of the awful metal chest placed at the most awkward location possible.

7 Scorch

A really nice level with some of my favourite side characters in the series. As well as Hunter being in the stage, Handel and Greta make an appearance. The missions, especially the one with the weird floating genie man who throws bombs were creative as well.

Music is fantastic and looks is great

8 Autumn Plains

Pure beauty, hidden areas, learning to climb, TONS OF PORTALS! Everyone has a favorite level on autumn plains

9 Breeze Harbor

I love the mechanic of lighting fireplaces to power the machinery in the area, it makes it extremely satisfying to look around the level because of this. However, what kind of person would I be if I didn't mention TROUBLE WITH THE TROLLEY? An awesome mission that is only bogged down by that line, which gets grating quite quickly, it's a unique mission t

10 Cloud Temples

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11 Zephyr

This level is one of the largest in the game. The setting is fun and the exploration is great. However, this area is bogged down by the worst set of missions in the game, the seed planting was highly tedious yet offered no amount of challenge at all, and the cowlek missions are the most boring things in the entire game.

12 Magma Cone

By far the most overrated area in the series, the basic design of the level is interesting with the segmented design, but each area has its own fair share of problems. On the ground level, there is nothing to do, the collectibles are all in obvious spots and the enemies are recycled from fracture hills. The volcano is the best part of the level, but it feels as if the entire level should have been set here, as the area feels way too short. The hidden ice cave is a nice touch, but the rng involved with the crystal popcorn game isn't something I enjoy at all in a Spyro game.

13 Gulp's Overlook
14 Robotica Farms
15 Idol Springs
16 Crystal Glacier
17 Summer Forest
18 Winter Tundra
19 Glimmer
20 Colossus
21 Sunny Beach
22 Ocean Speedway
23 Crush's Dungeon
24 Shady Oasis
25 Metro Speedway
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