Lexi Reed

Lexi Reed (Stefanie Scott) is Chyna's biggest rival at Webster High. Chyna is seen to be the leader of the ANTs, but Lexi still considers herself the Queen Bee. However, if necessary she will ally with Chyna and her friends. Eventually, she becomes student body president. Her best friend and sidekick is Paisley. Lexi is shown to be very vain and self-centered, believing the world revolves around her. She hates Vanessa (Vanessa Morgan) because everyone thinks Vanessa is prettier than her. Lexi has a tendency to manipulate people, such as when she kisses Cameron in the episode "detective agANTcy" as a bribe so that he can accept her friend request on the school's social network web site, Wolf Pack. In the Season 3 premiere "trANTsferred", it was revealed that Lexi is a math prodigy. Lexi, though she believes she is beautiful, is only a 3.5 out of 10 on the beauty scale. She is sorely disappointed when a mathematician explains this to her and says her catchphrase, "You've got to be KIDDING me!" when the most beautiful girl alive is revealed to be Olive Doyle.

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