Top Ten LGBT Warriors Ships

1.OC's can be included, just add an explanation.
2. No sibling x sibling ships (ewww)
3. People aren't homophobes for not liking your ship
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The Top Ten LGBT Warriors Ships

1 Ravenpaw and Barley

Friend: Ew this sucks.
After that, they never saw the light of day again.

Let's keep this #1, ok guys?

HUE HUE HUE I SEE IT! they are so cute and ravenpaw is such a smol bean and barely is supa floof and THEY SO PERFECT!

2 Tawnypelt and Feathertail

SO CUTE especially on the journey!

Art by prussiawashere999 on DeviantArt.

Adorable! They are perfect for each other! ❤️

3 Tallstar and Jake

AHH...sorry, but that seems so weird. - BloodFang

Art by <<Momoka>> Liv on Amino - RoseWeasley

4 Hollyleaf and Cinderheart

Art by Chimchamtimtam on DeviantArt.


5 Firestar and Graystripe
6 Turtle Tail and Bumble

Art by EpikBecky on DeviantArt. - RoseWeasley

7 Alderheart and Puddleshine

I love this please make this higher ;-;

This would be such a happy couple! - Murphypaw

Art by Angel-Hawk on Pinterest. - RoseWeasley


8 Leafpool and Mothwing

It would be higher, but the Mothpool community constantly makes poor Crowfeather out to be "abusive" when I think he never would've let Leafpool go if he were.

This may be because Crowfeather is abusive

Art by *( Nerakie )* on Amino.

9 Rosetail and Bluestar

Bluestar x Spottedleaf - Likera

Art by hibiscuit--rose on DeviantArt. - RoseWeasley

10 Jayfeather and Fallen Leaves

Art by CelestialTabris on DeviantArt. - RoseWeasley

No I prefer Fallenleaves and Hollyleaf - Murphypaw

The Contenders

11 Ivypool and Blossomfall

Aww. One of the best!

Art by xWitherclaw on Amino.

12 Gleamstar and Jazzsong

BEST THING EVER. - Murphypaw

what - BlackberryoftheRainWings

Sorry, I meant Glaemastr and Jaazsog - RoseWeasley

13 Hollyleaf and Ivypool

They already are

Art by Jessie's Girl on YouTube.

14 Dawnstream and Bellasong

These are two of my OC's. Bellasong joined ThunderClan with her father and littermates as a kit, but was shy and scared. Dawnkit helped her come out of her shell, and the two have been best friends ever since. - RoseWeasley

15 Murphypaw and Joeypaw

Sparkclan call cats kitty pet names because of the kitty pets that saved them in a flood once

In my fanfic book Murphypaw joins sparkclan a slowly grows a massive crush on a dark ginger tabby tom called joeypaw

Murphypaw is a TOM in the books

16 Trans Fernsong and Ivypool

Ok, let me be honest here. Just because Fernsong was a queen doesn't make him trans. A trans character just sounds too anthropomorphic for the Warriors universe.

17 Russetfur and Sasha

Read Tigerstar and Sasha they are so sweet! It’s a little shocking I find there’s a lot more Leopardstar x Sasha shippers but idc because I like that ship too

18 Nightcloud and Feathertail

This is an amazing ship

It was here twice. - RoseWeasley

Had to do it

19 Hollyleaf and Willowshine

This gorgeous masterpiece you are looking at was drawn by snowandhawk123456789 on DeviantArt.

20 Leopardstar and Sasha

They were good friends - Murphypaw

21 Darkstripe and Tigerstar
22 Twigstar and Berrystar

Twigstar: Current leader of TwilightClan, but was born as a loner & ran away to become one once. She is a black she-cat with brown eyes & thin tail. Kind yet fierce.
Berrystar: Was leader of TwilightClan before Twigstar, but was born in BreezeClan. She was a beautiful & strong calico she-cat. Smart & brave, formerly possessed the spirit of the medicine cat Spottedtail. Was killed during a thunderstorm when she was stuck by lightning.
The 2 she-cats had a strong bond that couldn't be broken, no matter what. - RoseWeasley

23 Bluestar and Spottedleaf
24 Hollyleaf, Cinderheart and Willowshine

Also, all who create these aesthetic boards, they're really beautiful. - RoseWeasley

Art by marymsjay-warriors-art - RoseWeasley

25 Tigerclaw and Whitestorm
26 Tawnypelt and Rowanstar

Rowanstar is trans, they only changed his to a tom cat so he/she can be Tawnypelt's mate.

27 Crowfeather and Spiderleg

When two terrible fathers meet each other lol - Frostnight2007

28 Rootpaw and Shadowsight
29 Scourge and Ashfur
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