Top 10 Liam Hunnicutt Moments from The Loud House

Still doing this string of lists on the top moments of characters from The Loud House and for this list we'll be focusing on the moments from Lincoln's country friend Liam Hunnicutt.
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1 Liam Breaks the Fourth Wall Warning the Viewers to Never Cross Him Again - Pasture Bedtime

Despite forgiving the guys for ditching him at his own sleepover to go to Girl Jordan's party he forgives them but still pulls a little prank on them by serving them breakfast and then telling them the bacon was made from Virginia his pig as she did lose the wrestling match which causes Rusty and Clyde to pass out as he then reveals it was a joke just a little country humor before it pans to a close up of Liam as he says in a threatening and serious tone warns the audience never cross him again before going back to eating the bacon as Lincoln and Zach look on in confusion.

2 Liam Becomes Lynn's Team Star Pitcher - The Cow Pie Kid

Lynn discovers that Liam has a good pitching arm and convinces him to join her baseball team as Liam becomes the teams star pitcher.

3 Liam Wrestles Virginia - Pasture Bedtime

In an attempt to tire out Liam so he would go to sleep so they can sneak off to Girl Jordan's party Lincoln, Rusty, Zach and Clyde hope for him to tire out by wrestling his pig Virginia but to no avail as he and Virginia insists on going several rounds more much to the annoyance of the guys.

4 Liam with the Baby Goats - Stall Monitor

Liam attempts to help Lincoln stall the parent teacher conference by having his MeeMaw bring their pregnant goat Carolanne and during their meeting Carolanne gives birth to two baby goats as he brings them into the cafeteria with the others as they aww in their cuteness.

5 Liam Gets a Makeover from Lola - Overnight Success

After his sleepover plans with Clyde don't go well with him wanting to spend more time with his sisters then doing what he wanted to do Lincoln attempts to invite a another friend over as he invites Liam which doesn't last long as Lola bursts in and gives him a make over which causes Liam to run out of the house in embarrassment as he cries out that he looks like his MeeMaw.

6 Liam Gives Ms. Dimartino a Heart Bonsai Tree - Study Muffin

During Lincoln's flashback of him and the other boys crushing on their substitute teacher Ms. Dimartino the boys all give Ms. Dimartino a gift with Liam giving her a heart bonsai tree.

7 Liam Brings Lori His Pigs as Part of a Senior Prank - Senior Moment

As part of her attempt to cram as much Senior right of passages as possible Lori instructs Liam to bring some of his pigs to the high school at night so she, Carol Pingrey and Roger can let them loose in the school while having them wear jerseys with the numbers 1,2,3, and 5 so that people will go crazy looking for pig #4 however things don't pan out as the pigs start running while before they can even put on the jersey's as Lori, Liam and the others try to wrangle them in.

8 Liam Tells Lincoln He Doesn't Like Magic - Antiqued Off

After Lincoln becomes fed up with Clyde and Zach bonding over antiques he attempts to ask the others to join him for the magic show only for them to make up an excuse not to go only for all of them to show up at Flips where Lincoln calls them out as all of them confess that they don't like magic and find it boring as Liam tells him he doesn't like magic cause of how they always find coins behind his ear when he knows there's nothing there yet they always manage to find them.

9 Liam and Stella Try Out Wigs - Be Stella My Heart

In the episode Stella asks each of the boys to hang out with her in order to get to know them a lot better only for the boys to assume she's looking for a boyfriend and when she asks Liam out they go to the wig store to try on the wigs there as he shows the others of their trip.

10 Liam Finds Out Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty and Zach Ditched His Sleepover to Go to Girl Jordan's Party - Pasture Bedtime

Liam finds out about the guys going to Girl Jordan's party while they thought he was still sleeping and he even points out the obvious that Rusty looks like he kissed a beehive, Zach looks like he got run over by a lawn mower and Lincoln and Clyde are literally in their underwear and obvious he's hurt especially since people were texting him from the party and didn't tell the others because he thought they were having such a good time so he didn't say anything regardless the guys do apologize for their actions and Liam easily forgives them and even invites them for breakfast.

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11 Liam Dances with Tabby - Dance, Dance Resolution

Like with Clyde, Rusty and Zach Liam ends up dancing with Lincoln's other date Tabby as the two love turning things up to 11.

12 Liam in a Tire - Pasture Bedtime
13 Liam Tries to Hook Up Lincoln with His Cousin Hattie - Back Out There

In an attempt to help Lincoln get over missing Ronnie Anne his friends each help out in various ways with Liam trying to hook up Lincoln with his cousin Hattie at a movie theater.

14 Liam Tricks His Friends Into Thinking the Bacon Was Made From His Pig Virginia - Pasture Bedtime

After forgiving the guys for sneaking out of his sleepover to go to Girl Jordan's party he serves them breakfast and as they are eating the bacon as telling Liam how good it is Liam replies they should thank Virginia as he makes them believe that he killed his pig Virginia and served her for breakfast after losing the wrestling match which horrifies the guys only for him to reveal to be trick to get back at them for leaving his sleepover.

15 Liam Releases the Chickens - Pasture Bedtime
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