Top 10 Lies About Donald Trump

The liberal media is stupid and untrue. They kept telling lies about Donald Trump and his personality. These are lies people say about Donald Trump.

The Top Ten

1 He's racist He's racist

He is NOT a racist, he is trying to ban illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants steal jobs from legal citizens - DoroExploro13

He only hates illegal immigrants - Neonco31

2 He wants to send all Mexicans back to Mexico

What about the many innocent families with children and jobs as well as homes...we gonna force them back to Mexico? - GrimmShady

If you're hispanic and have an American citizenship, then you won't be sent back to Mexico - DoroExploro13

3 He hates women

If he hates women, then how is he married? - DoroExploro13

4 He hates Muslims He hates Muslims

No! He hates terrorists! - DoroExploro13

5 He hates every other country

Not true at all! He said he wants AMERICA FIRST - DoroExploro13

6 He will start World War 3 He will start World War 3

Donald Trump being elected president meant that we made peace with Russia! So with him as president, we have a lesser chance at war - DoroExploro13

7 He is homophobic He is homophobic V 2 Comments
8 He will fire everyone He will fire everyone

No proof on this - DoroExploro13

9 He will destroy America

After one year president, what has he accomplished? America is more divided and dangerous than ever before.

10 He will put America in jeopardy

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11 He is heartless He is heartless
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