Top Ten Lies the Movies Told You About School

The Top Ten

1 You have to be in a clique
2 All of your teachers will be cool

I thought it was the other way around in movies. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 The cheerleaders and jocks rule the school

I've never actually encountered a jock in real life. - Misfire

4 Prom is very important
5 You will have the same friends throughout your school career
6 The 5th graders are tough jocks
7 You will get a girlfriend/boyfriend in middle school or high school

In real life, doesn't that lead to teen pregnancy? One morning at my high school, when I was a sophomore in my Spanish III class, I saw a girl in my class... who was ACTUALLY pregnant. And... this is why you should never hook up with someone in school. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 The nerd always wears glasses
9 You know where your locker is on the first day
10 You will have no homework

Actually its true.I don't get homework.But even if I get I don't do it. - zxm

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? Schools do pop quizzes

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11 Middle school is hard

Learning, no. But the overall attitude at the school is what makes it hard. - LordDovahkiin

This isn't a lie...

12 There is someone always bullying you
13 The larger kids bully the smaller kids, not vice versa

It's surprisingly ironic in schools around my area that the small kids actually are able to bully and tease the big kids, calling me filthy.

14 If you're a new kid you're automatically the outcast
15 The school's against you personally

This is just not true.

16 You Will Have a Locker
17 Schools Have a Yellow Bus
18 You never need to wear uniform
19 High school only has four years
20 School has hallway monitors.
21 Spring break is real
22 Summer school is extra education not a summer trip.
23 You have eleven weeks off in the summer.
24 You have a nap in early school.
25 You are held back if you fail.
26 Dodgeball is fun.
27 Middle school is just 10-13 year olds.
28 You start high school when you are 14
29 You can drive to school.
30 You have exams on a saturday morning.
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