Top Ten Lies Some Fat People Say

The Top Ten Lies Some Fat People Say

1 They've been working out but not losing weight

Could be true. - RobertWisdom

2 They never eat

Fat people eat more than skinny people

3 They're hardworking

Just because somebody is fat doesn't mean they're not hardworking. - RobertWisdom

4 They were born not to be skinny

Every fat person "Its my DNA" Meanwhile they Chug a Pepsi and Eat like 7 Big Macs. - mikelatham

5 I used to be skinny

Well I used to be thin...till teens.
Nothing to do with food.
Before he went obese Henry VIII had some good looks in his youth.

Also could be true. - RobertWisdom

My mom never says this, I've seen pictures of her back then in the 80e or something she was a skinny legend, until she got pregnant. - Luckys

6 It was the fault of junkfood

Why would this be a lie. - RobertWisdom

7 They're skinny

Please, buy a mirror. - Entranced98

8 This dress fits me good
9 I used to be hot and a model
10 I'm normal, not fat
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