Top Ten Lies Taught In School About Science


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21 There is no gravity in space

That's very false. Gravity is a universal fundamental interaction with infinite range. Gravity is responsible for all attractions between objects, and without it, no solar systems or galaxies. But dark energy is what keeps them apart. - PositronWildhawk

I think this is brought on more by pop culture. Movies where astronauts glide through "zero gravity" environments, or where the ship engineer flips an "anti-gravity" switch and gravity "disappears." If anything, this myth is dispelled once you learn what gravity is in school. - airbb

Isn't it like so low that it almost feels like it's not there? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

22 You can see the Great Wall of China from Space

It is possible, but not with the naked eye. The Great Wall of China is too narrow. and its color blends in with its surroundings. - ethanmeinster

23 Visible steam is a gas

It is actually water droplets that are so hot they become less dense, and not a gas because you can see it - lbelle0527

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