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1 Ignore the bullies because they will go nowhere in life

For some people this may be true, but people who are once a bully, will always be a bully. Bullies isn't confined to a school area, there is a good chance someone who is a higher up at a workplace will try to bully people lower. Look at the government, so many of those people were bullies when they were growing up, yet they still ended up in a big paying job. I never had a bully, but for those who do, remember that sometimes they follow you throughout life. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

That was the case for me - blackflower

Ummm... Jake Paul was a bully in highschool and he's famous. - 23windomt

Well yeah - iliekpiez

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2 Looks don't matter

Once again this is false, look at how many actors and actresses who can't even act but become rich and famous because of their "good looks." For example, Jessica Elba is considered to be good looking, but she cannot act her way out of a cardboard box. Even if you are not up to task, if you look the part you may get the supervisor or front desk job that you really want. The better looking you are in life, the easier things will be for you. The uglier you look, the harder you will have to work. Girls would prefer a handsome husband, and guys would prefer a beautiful wife. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

How did you get a girlfriend or boyfriend? And if you don't have one, its probably because "Looks don't matter"

Looks don't matter, but if you looking to get into anything that is in front of an camera being attractive can take you a long way - germshep24

While being only superficial, of course they matter! - ParasN2000

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3 Anything is possible if you try (you can be the next _____)

This is a HUGE lie that teachers only tell you because they have to. I mean they can't just be like, "Oh, you should just give up because you're never going to be anything". You do have the opportunity to be things though maybe not anything.

Unfortunately this is a big lie, not everyone can be the president, and not everyone can be a police officer. Some people are born smaller and will never be a basketball player no matter how good their 3 point shooting skill is. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

That is such an pessimistic mindset, this saying is absolutely true, you can be whatever you want, if your willing to put in the effort to do so, most are just too lazy for their dreams, dreamers and not doers - germshep24

No cause I tried to be a youtuber but failed - sadical

This is the like that practically ruined the millennial generation - TealBoyxx

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4 Stay in school because school will lead to success

It is true that school will give you the much needed education to survive in life, but you pretty much get all of that by high school. You don't need college to be successful, look at Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. College is good if you are going in specifically for medical or HR purposes, but degrees like philosophy and liberal arts are completely useless. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Kanye West's The College Dropout can disprove this statement - Mcgillacuddy

It can mostly - iliekpiez

It usually does - blackflower

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5 Africa is the only continent where "kids are starving."

The old saying that if you don't eat your food a kid in Africa will starve, granted every country has children that are starving. Africa is not the only continent where they have starving population. Africa is not just desert and lions, Africa is a continent with cities as well. Not everybody is poor in Africa, just like not everybody is rich in North America. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Even AMERICA has them!

Not everywhere in Africa is poor and impoverished. If you go to Luanda, Angola, there are some rich people living a luxury life (which some can afford a 9 million dollar penthouse there) which means they can afford good meals. There are poor areas outside of Africa too, such as in Detroit, Haiti, Bolivia, etc. - HoldenFanatic

This one is just ignorant, especially since they always tell you to think of the starving kids. - 3DG20

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6 As long as you tried your best, it is good enough

As an adult you don't get judge based on how good you try something, but judges based on "if" you succeed or don't succeed. Teachers may give you partial credit for trying on a test, but in real life there is no try, only do. Don't matter how hard you tried to get your deadlines in to your boss, but in the end of the day if you didn't get it in, and that is what will matter. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

(My Asian mom)
Me: I got 89% on my math test!
Mom:That's a B+! Not good enough! You need to study more!

Say that to my profs.

So if I try my best and get 0% on every test it’s good enough and everyone would want to hire me? - sadical

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7 Everyone is created equally

Everyone is created equal if you were born in the right religion and race for your specific country, and if your in a heavily religious area then if you were born a male, because religious people don't consider women human beings - germshep24

Some people are born better looking than others, while some will be naturally taller, and other will be born deaf or blind. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

I wish - BreakFastBeast2005

No - iliekpiez

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8 If you get to know someone they will be nice to you

No - iliekpiez

9 Every kid is special in their own way

Some people are just ordinary and there is nothing special about them, yet teachers and parents will tell this to their kids and students. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

For me this is false, I do not agree every child has something special in it - YanRocky

That is the point no one is special because everyone is special, it is almost like we are human beings that are each unique - germshep24

If everyone's special that means no ones special - BreakFastBeast2005

And some like Hitler - iliekpiez

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10 You should never talk back to your parents or teachers

Wrong, sometimes you should stand your ground for what you believe in. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

You can say whatever you want to us. Why is it suddenly wrong when we do it to you? - 3DG20

Yes you should - iliekpiez

You guys seem to not read the title of this list correctly. This list is BASED ON LIES that parents tell you. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

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11 Do not approach the TV screen or you will be blind

Semi-true because I have realized that the closer and brighter your T.V. screen it, the blurrier your vision will be. Happened to me until I lowered the brightness down - RichHomelessGreedyMan

This isn't a lie..I sat extremely close to the T.V. as a toddler a lot. I now wear glasses.

12 For all work algebra is necessary
13 Life is good

Only if you don't constantly restrict it!

14 Santa is real
15 Special Education helps kids with disabilities

No it doesn't! It doesn't help at ALL! It teaches NOTHING! It makes me feel dumber!

I'm autistic and I was in special ed. It actually made me feel stupid.

16 All autistic kids have ADHD

All my teachers said this, but this is a lie. I’m autistic, AND I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE ADHD! >:(

17 All Asians are Buddhist

My teachers (particularly in high school) would ask me stuff about my beliefs in Buddhism (which I obviously don't even have) all the time when we were discussing Buddhism during history/religion studies class.. I am Asian. They are stereotyping kids due to their race.

Not every Asian is Buddhist, teachers!

Some are atheist (like me) and some are Christian.

18 We treat all students equally

NO THEY DON'T. My high school special ed teacher CONSTANTLY reprimanded me for no reason, and I was the only Asian kid in her class! RACIST! >:(

19 Wikipedia is unreliable
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1. Ignore the bullies because they will go nowhere in life
2. Stay in school because school will lead to success
3. Looks don't matter
1. Looks don't matter
2. Anything is possible if you try (you can be the next _____)
3. As long as you tried your best, it is good enough


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