Top Ten Lies They Tell You About Middle School

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We are here to help you

If the teachers could blast us all into a hundred pieces, they would. They don't give a crap about you.

Me: I need help.
Racist teacher: I am helping someone, I'll help you next, chocolate skin.

Wait, do they actually say that to you!? That teacher needs to be fired!

Teachers are not here for us they do nothing to help us our teachers are crap

This list should be called "Top 10 lies they tell you about school in general"

You can be late and get away with it

I totally agree with that. I think that in general, in middle school they tell you "everything is okay, you make your own choices" but when you actually MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES they are like "That's not right" and preaching, preaching, preaching. every time I'm late teachers tell me that I should be here on time and they always piss me off and get on my nerves.
I LOVE THIS LIST, I think it's a realistic view of what middle school is really about.

In high school once I was 1 MILLISECOND late and I had to go to the office to get a late pass

This is true for me, my teachers don't notice if I'm not there by the bell.

I seen some kids late daily think they eventually got in big trouble

No smoking is allowed

People smoke weed and drink, but it is obviously not allowed. (Smoked in bathrooms so the bathrooms are banned)

I saw someone smoke and I told the teacher and they didn't give a crap!

I see kids at my school smoke all of the time and they get away with it.

The bathrooms have so much smokin it that it looks like it's on fire!

The food is great

Pizza is served in a pool of grease, hamburger tastes like eating a sponge, chicken practically isn't cooked, soggy tater tots, overcooked potato wedges, the end. Never eating at school again.

Yep. Food is terrible, but at least it's better than burnt pizza no white pancakes which we had in elementary

My school gives us one slice of cheap and burned pizza and like one side! Hardly a lunch at all!

The food is better than the cardboard they served us in middle school

These will be the years you look back on fondly

I look back on the years in elementary school where I went to school, talked about Five Nights at Freddy’s theories at recess, played Minecraft on the bus, came home, rode my bike, and came in around dinner time while playing Super Smash Bros. On the Nintendo 3DS while watching WWE with my family

I just started my freshman year in high school. I'll admit I didn't like middle school, but it's better than high school. High school is so much pressure.

I definitely don't look back a middle school and often remember anything happy. When I was in Middle school (especially 7th grade) I was bullied by a large majority of students, now does that sound like any memories anyone would be happy with?

I will never look back on my middle school years. I will never look back on the times I was bullied a lot by people. I will only look back at my 6th grade year. My 7th and 8th grade year, never.

We expect more of you here

They expect less of us, actually..

Nope. They don't.

Guidance counselors are always available to listen

Hah, hilarious. I went to the school guidance counselor last year, and when I told her about my problems, she literally laughed in my face. She sounded like she was high.

Yeah...NO. Guidance counselers that I have encountered don't usually help properly

Most of the time they don't care

We never had them

Your locker combination is a secret

In my school, you have a key to your locker, but I discovered recently that there were only 9 different shapes for every lock. So, with my key, I can unlock 1 in 9 other people's lockers.

My new locker since I'm now in middle is 20-42-22 but you don't go to my school so no way you'll find out.

I told all my friends mine and they told me theirs

All my friends: I know your locker combination.

Everyone is one big happy family

It's a group of factions. There's the "cool" kids, who frequently form the subfactions of bullies and popular jerks. There's also the downtrodden "nerds", which is where I stand. These are the smart ones who show that have their own interests beyond the latest memes and trends.

I agree. At my school you have the extremely popular kids who are jerks, the drama queens, the theater kids, the extremely smart kids, who are popular and always win robotics stuff, and the nerds, who I am friends with. We do things like play music and discuss anime and retro video games.

Nope. Nope. Not at all. Do your family members call you little 6th graders or horrible 7th graders or big, scary 8th graders? No. They don't. That's actually all I remember about middle school to be honest.

At my school they say we spend more time with our school family than our true parents.

What about the kids I don't like? But I try to be nice anyway.

The principal is your friend

The principal is terrible. She banned bathrooms, called a whole grade a word that you shouldn't use, and she banned girls from showing their bra straps.

Our principal had affairs with almost ALL the teachers! Banned boys and Girls from using the bathrooms for three straight weeks. And is oblivious to smoking. Also, we can't wear tube tops.! Like are you kidding?!?!?!

I hate hate hate HATE my principal he is very scary and one time by the way I am an elementary school we had the awards assembly and like in the middle of it he said “ I am very glad to be here and the children are amazing students“ which is obviously a lie and like my whole class said the same thing I did and we like didn’t Believe it my other principal was way better she was super nice

My principal is a manipulative tyrant

No the principal is your worst enemy

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We treat every student equally

Every single teacher has a couple "teacher's pets" that can get away with much more and tend to get slightly better grades no matter what.

Hahaaa, NO. This is most certainly not the case in my school. Popular kids seem to get away with almost anything. Why? Because they're angels in their book.

I know! They are always the ones getting recognition for doing nothing!

I had a racist special ed teacher once. She CONSTANTLY gets me in trouble for nor reason, and I was the only Asian kid in her class.

Again yet another lie the popular kids get treated better while the unpopular ones get treated like dirt.

Be yourself

This is stupid in a sense where, as an adolescent, one is trying to find themselves. I'm in middle school and I'm trying to find who I really am. I am not a dancer, which I used to think I was, I am NOT popular, I am more committed to YouTube than dance, I don't have tons of friends, and I want to pursue a career in acting. I don't know exactly who I am yet or where I belong but I'm sure there's a place for me. Also, the teachers might only like the personalities of those who love the school and are devoted to it and are athletes and are perfect.

This is crap advice in my opinion. Pubescent kids are trying to find themselves. Chances are, they're going to be straddling different identities and trying new things. They don't know who to be yet!
That being said, as John Green once said: "It doesn't make sense. Like, who's other self would I otherwise be? "

When you are yourself, chances are teachers won't like your personality because you're too quiet or too rebellious or whatever, then they tell you to be yourself again until they get a personality they like.

That crap never works, most people spend all of middle school just trying to be themselves and it still doesn't help.

Teachers are nice

It depends. Some are nice and some are mean.

I think this was me before I became a member. Just a fun little piece of information.

Some of them are but others aren't

I had a racist 6th grade teacher.

Some of them are, but most aren’t.

Ignore the bully and they will stop

Just spit fire at them, but enough so they stay away, but not enough to make them beat you up. (I can defend myself though). If you ignore (don't fully ignore) hey might beat u up.

Ignoring never works! They'll just keep doing it until they're satisfied! They can continue all day if they want to!

Ignore the bully and they'll figure they can get away with doing more

Ignore the bully, and they'll come back again and again and again.

Its going to be fun

Well my school allows us to bring electronics and when we are done with our work we can get them out if the teacher says so. Also since I'm really smart and like to compare grades with people I always get to brag. So school can be fun if you know all the loopholes but if you don't good luck.

Yep, because sitting in a classroom with people you hate for hours with teachers nagging at you is so much fun! *Sarcasm*

No it's not people are bullies, they shove information down your throat, and expect you to get it all right in a test.

Yeah. Sitting there for hours doing assignments, projects, tests etc and getting bullied is so fun.

Bullies always get punished

They do Not get punished at all. In third grade (also happened later in 6th) a kid punched me in the head and stomach and he didn't get punished.

I have gotten bullied several times and all they did was make the student each lunch in the office and miss recess.

Tell that to all my bullies that got away with everything just because a staff was a family member.

It depends on if the bully is the teacher's pet or not.

We don't tolerate bullying

Yeah right everyone who bullies gets away with it

It seems like the bullies are the principal's pets. They never seem to get into trouble. IT'S so annoying.

Middle school will prep you for high school

Best joke I've ever heard

This is the BEST joke I ever heard. It's like when you get out of school, and move onto summer break, you forget everything you've learned.

Stand up to bullies

Say one thign to someone who bullies you and you're suspended.

Actually, I do. It works.

This is true actually.

I tried this once on a kid who used a laser pointer, it worked, but the others called me a tattletale >:(

Give respect to get respect

That's a lie up there. This is how it works in all the schools I've been in:
They think there are only 2 types of people: jerks/bullies and push-over wimps. You give respect, everyone thinks you're a push-over and an easy target. But being a jerk won't always get you respect. Then there's the matter of being "popular." If you're a "popular" jerk, they go and kiss your shoes/boots/feet/whatever you are wearing, I don't care. But if they hate you, they hate you.

I don't give respect to no one

Well, unless the students you try to give respect to call you a weirdo and the teachers thinking they’re superior over you just because they’re older.

Screaming and yelling at well-behaved students do not count as respect! >:(

You must follow dress code or there will be consequences

This is true, but only for people who do something as minor as showing their shoulders while the people that actually deserve the dress code get away with it.

Someone was wearing a shirt with 4 girls wearing bikinis on it and he did not get in trouble. My school has a dress code, but no one cares about it.

I'm so sorry. If I don't where EXACTLY nike shorts ONLY to PE, what are you gonna do, kick me out of the school?

We don't have a dress code but the principal said girls can't show their bra straps.

School is cool

School is boring and easy.

School is more boring

School is a fool.

Said no one ever.

School is gonna be easy until college

This is semi-true as it does get much harder in college, but a lot of kids, college or not, have a hard time paying attention for 6-9 (depending on where you live) hours a day, then going home only to remember that they have another 3 hours of homework.

Middle school was not that easy.

Easy? Yea, easy to fall asleep.

In middle school I learned French, and it was NOT EASY.
In college I did Algebra 1+2 and it was SO HARD.

Lie confirmed.

Everyone is nice here

Because spreading false rumours about others and constantly bullying them not even knowing what they go through at home is so nice...

People at my school are mean to each other and tell each other to die.

This so not true I always met a mean person in all my schools

The Tea that they spread like butter makes it all better. Doesn't it? Some of the bullies might even be your friends.

*Sarcasm has been used here.
Also, the meanies might be living in Hell with Satan as their best friend.

My brother, Noah, was a huge bully that never got in trouble.

Do your best and you'll succeed

Bullcrap Most kids are told they are not working hard enough and are picked on by teachers

I'm doing my best not to have a nervous breakdown

I do my best, and I do succeed.

Me: *tries my best and gets a C*
Teacher: You suck.

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