Top Ten Lies that We Told in the Movies as Kids


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1 The hero always wins

This is so true the hero always wins over and over again.

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2 If you wear makeup you are automatically beautiful

I think girls are prettier without make-up! - sabrinafan

3 If you wish In the stars at night your wish will come true
4 You will become gorgeous as teenagers
5 You will easily find the love of your life
6 Women that hate you at first will fall in love with you
7 You can easily dodge automatic gunfire
8 Hacking is easy

I have seen it,the hackers types some keys rapidly and Bingo,the network's hacked - zxm

9 Every house has a swimming pool

Don't forget, every house in the movies also have a two story house too! - sabrinafan

10 Everyone is good looking

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11 Scary movies always have happy endings
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