Top Ten Lies You Can Tell That No One Will Believe

The Top Ten

1 I'm Being Recruited for the Olympic Water Skiing Team

Bad news: There is no Olympic water skiing team.

2 I Consumed Rat Poison
3 I'm Intelligent

This is believable actually. - Therandom

My relatives think that my IQ is lower than a toddler’s intelligence level. Once they told me not to put some random hand warming packets in my mouth, and I’m an ADULT. >:(

No one’s gonna believe me, my IQ is 1!

4 I Was In Bed With Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Buttchecks more like it.

5 I'm Superman
6 I'm Batman

To be fair, nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.

7 i'm spongebob
8 Justin Beiber Is the Best Singer Ever
9 Nickelodeon Is the Best Channel Ever
10 I Have Never Lied Before

This is something no one will believe even in the unlikely event that it was true.

The Contenders

11 Disney Channel Is the Best Channel Ever
12 Teen Titans Go is better than the original
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