Top 10 Life-Dreams You May Have Given Up On

The Top Ten

1 Having your name and history become a legacy that will be remembered for centuries

I have to. - Kevinsidis

At least I can strive to be a better person. - Misfire

2 Living a happy and fulfilling life without having to work (a job)
3 Becoming a significant figure in the music industry
4 Becoming a self-made billionaire
5 Hosting a party and everything going to plan
6 Winning the lottery

I've no hope 😆
But have dreamed about it a lot of times. - Ananya

7 Becoming a well-known significant figure in the film industry
8 Becoming an astronaut

I wonder if Elon Musk would hire me. - ParasN2000

9 Becoming a world class pro wrestler
10 Living a 'devil may care' life and only doing what YOU want to

I'm living this dream!

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