Top 10 Best Life Is Strange Characters

Life is Strange is a stunning game, here is a list of the best characters.

The Top Ten

1 Max Caulfield

Why does everyone hate her so much? She isn't trying hard to be a boy. - person101

Don't understand why people hate her, really how good of a character Max is depends on how you play her, Sassy Max is the best Max, Ready for the mosh pit Shaka brah.

You better take back what you said, bastard!

I love her she is very cute

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2 Chloe Price

The whole story of this Game intended to make you feel attached to her, it definitely did it for me!

She was just the ultimate for me. I just really got attached to her, like, REALLY attached. She's awesome!

I love her and she is funny. - PrincessKiana

She is hella lesbian and awesome! - Daviddv0601

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3 Kate Marsh

She's just like me, only her depression is worse than mine. I wish I can hug her. - PrincessKiana

Might sound like a pervert but I find her quite attractive especially when I see her smile. Feel Sad of her life she's going through. Reminded me of my school days

Kate's Depression was extremely sad, but I saved her from jumping the school building. - Goku55588

Saddest story. She was so sweet. It's so sad. - Untildawn8

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4 Warren Graham

No Warren is evil and the bad guy. And he likes Courtney or victoria, not gay ugly manly max.

5 Rachel Amber

Hope they include her in the game. She better and girlie than max.

No they didn't include her in the game. What's so good about her anyway? It was heard that she was good doesn't mean she is any better than Max. - person101

6 Nathan Prescott

His story was amazing and the plot twist with him was just great. I feel bad for him.

Very interesting character. I wish they included him in the game more.

His story is really sad and he's an interesting character


7 Victoria Chase

Hope she makes ugly gay manly max jealous by making out with warren or chloe, for her to make max jealous. Vic could beat max in a fight!

8 Mark Jefferson
9 Mr. Jefferson
10 Frank Bowers

Badass in before the storm!

best boy

The Contenders

11 David Madsen
12 Daniel
13 Justin
14 Principle Wells
15 Hayden
16 Trevor
17 Homeless Lady

Does anyone else think that she's Max in the future?

18 Samuel Taylor
19 Joyce Price

Joyce! enough said

20 Juliet
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